Saturday, February 03, 2007

Art Lesson - Underwater

I finally took some pictures of the art lesson from a couple of weeks ago. This was an underwater scene that a class of kindergartners did. First we drew a fish together with oil pastels. Then they added whatever underwater creatures that they wanted to. Of course we talked about what other creatures could be down underwater to spark their imagination. After the scene was drawn with the pastels, we had to switch over to water color. I breifly gave them a mini lesson on the ins and outs of watercolor- kindergartners must be reminded of certain things. They then painted right over the oil pastels with the watercolor, adding water for their creatures.

You must make it clear to press down on the pastels, to give a good, and thick amount of color. And to go ahead and do a lot of coloring in before adding the water. They must also be reminded to not color the background with the pastel, that you will add water later. There seems to be at least one that will try to do that, even with a mention of it once.

If I do this lesson with the first graders, I think I will have them do a larger fish and just a few of the other smaller elements. I think that will give a bolder finished product.

If was a very successfull lesson and the little ones seemed to like it.

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