Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Amazing! I got this posted before midnite! My life is too busy right now, so I'm sorry that I haven't been up on things lately. On top of the hectic schedule, there's also the image issues that blogspot's been having lately. I hope those probs are over.

We had a fun time down town for the annual Halloween Parade and Carnival. Wesley was Frankenstein, I was a very purple wizardess, and Brad was creepy with an arrow through his forehead (yuck). My house is a COMPLETE mess, with the puzzle-of-a-closet completely tore apart. On account of getting my costume together pretty last minute. My costume from 7 years ago, Mary Poppins, had to change... couldn't find my Mary hat. Oh well, there was another M.P. in town this year. So my unique wizard did fine, and it was the first time I had worn this lovely purple dress from the thrift store. I also had THE tallest hat in town on, one that I had made for Wesley when he was "Dark Magician" from Yu-Gi-Oh, back in first grade.

It was a very lovely evening, and quite balmy, well, at least until about 7 pm. The trees seemed to have changed color early this year. The oaks are past their prime, and have changed from orange to brown, ready to finish with their dropping of the leaves. And everything is still quite ready for rain.

Enjoy your All Hallows Eve! What's left of it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Here's my October entry for NibbleFest. The theme is "Shadows".

Is this kittie Naughty or Nice? Its evil side seems to be showing itself.

This is an original acrylic ACEO (2.5x3.5 inches).


I've been preoccupied with thoughts of fire this week, as most in Southern California. I feel for all the people affected, and since I too live in a fire-prone forest, my mind has been filled with intense worry. I feel so very blessed that our mountain is not on fire this year, and I say that as I knock on wood. A minor thing that happened as a result of the weather, we were with out power for 30 hours. That is challenging! But again I say how blessed and lucky we are at this time.

So because of the circumstances I'm a little behind. I hope to have my Etsy Pick-O-The-Week up tomorrow. The rest of my week is crazy-busy, so if you don't see it up on Thursday, then you can find it here probably on Monday. Some times wednesdays are so busy, and I was lucky to get this little painting done!

Hang in there So Cal, and I'm praying for rain!! Oh, and a gentle rain, not mud-slide-causing rain!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Theme of Consciousness-TOC-Questions

The theme for TOC this week was any song with a "question" in the TITLE. That was challenging to come up with a drawing to go with the theme. But I did come up with this. I wanted to get this posted when Jim played one of the many "who do you love" songs. I even had a feeling he'd do a set with a variety of them, and I was right. Luckily he did these songs later in the night, so I was able to get the pix on during the second one, The Doors version. I like that one and the Quicksilver Messenger Service versions a lot. I would've posted it during the first song, but so many hang ups kept going on. You name it, it malfunctioned. It's so frustrating when I'm in a hurry and dumb little things go wrong with the computer!!

Anyway this is just a simple little doodle that I love to do on a Friday night. No pressure to sell, just have fun and be imaginative.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Evidence of Fall

OH, Yay! My images are able to be uploaded! Well at least some of them!

It is a beautiful time in Autumn, in the mountains. This is a pine forest, so we have mainly trees that don't change colors. But there is still quite a bit of color-changing happening. And that makes for a lovely scene, everywhere you go.

I took some shots last week while out in about around town. There are many cute, quaint cabins all aglow with their colorful trees.

I really need one of these extra vibrant Japanese Maples.

Soon I'll take a photo of my own yard on display.


I've been all ready to post some Autumn colors. But so, so sadly Blogger seems to be having difficulties. I can't upload photos at this time. Hopefully they fix it soon, because I really don't like these postings without photos!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Paper Clay Halloween Figures with Greeting Card

I had too much fun making these little characters out of paper clay! They're little "action figures" with moveable arms and legs. And as an added bonus I've listed them on Etsy with a somewhat matching greeting card.

The cat is a little goofy, while this pumpkin is a bit more serious.

And slightly demonic and creepy... here's a Halloween devil...

There's also a reproduction print being used for one of the cards. A painting from 3 years ago. This guy is out "Hitchin' and Trickin'!"

If you like them, then by all means go to the Halloween section of my shop on Etsy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - babastudioPrague

Look at this ever-so-wonderful Esty shop that I just found over the weekend! How hard to find a favorite thing in this shop. In honor of Halloween I chose this eerie loveliness..."beautifully vampiric" print which is on this fabulous bag!

babastudioPrague is a most unique shop with fantastic limited edition prints, some of which are printed on wonderful cotton and silk shoulder bags, totes, and wristlets. Plus their lovely images are being made into a tarot deck featuring the delightful Bohemian Cats. The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot is a wonderful place to look at all the cats as tarot images.

The shop owners describe this shop best... "At "baba studio" we love old stories, strange symbols, fragments of images... We're surrounded in Prague by art and architecture of the Baroque, Rococco, Victorian and Art Nouveau eras."

"The Knight of Wands is a Siberian cat from Moscow (now living in Prague). As one of our friends said on seeing his portrait, 'If that cat was a guy I'd go out with him!'" (taken from their description of this handsome hero.)

I have to agree. And he does remind me of my own Phoebus.

If you are mainly interested in their cats, it looks like they are starting a new Etsy shop exclusively cat-like...BohemianCats. Both shops are equally wonderful, and if you're looking to buy me something, I'd love anything there!

And go to the blog, it's also very enjoyable!

Monday, October 08, 2007

In the Treasury... BnR!!

That's right I'm in the Treasury. It's no easy feat. I was in there before, but it's been quite a while. I guess you've got to be known, or somehow seen through the thousands of other sellers.

Unfortunately the person who is the curator of this treasury doesn't say if you need to buy that actual item, or any from that shop. I personally would've chosen a different item of mine. Something more likely to sell. Not that I don't like this art box, it's just that's it's the only one I've got, and I've never sold one. Just not my most popular item. I wasn't even sure I would renew it when it's time was up.

Buy and Replace is a good way to get some exposure though. And that's what it's all about. Being seen, somehow! So that's me, the third one down on the left. See that treasury here. It's up until Wednesday, 7am. Buy something and be featured in it's place. Well at least I got a Christmas present out of it! SSShhhhh!

Edit... I guess I was wrong. The little box ended up selling in no time. :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Theme of Consciousness-TOC-Roll

Last night was Jim Ladd's Theme of Consciousness Friday with the theme of "Roll." So I doodled a little ditty, and this is the result. I love the pressureless feeling of just doodling for fun. But since I wanted to post it on Jim's Myspace page, well, that added the pressure back into doodling! And since my day was so busy with an art lesson, a meeting, and a long, but fun, school event, this was just all I could pull together.

I did the "Pattern Turtles" art lesson with a class of kindergartners. This is now an annual art lesson for kindergartners. Well the highlight of the day was when one talkative little boy asked me what my phone number was! It was just so hysterical, and definetely a highlight of the day. That and seeing my son sing "Happy Together" with his 5th grade class, with much of the class all decked out in 60s finery, including my son with his blue John Lennon glasses. What a joy!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Button Sampler on Note Card

I've finally finished this little project that I've had in the works for a month! I had these little buttons made during my comings and goings this summer. Then I had to draw a little design to go with the buttons, and made that drawing into a card. Just a small, simple little note card (invitation sized).

It's a sampler of some of the many women that I enjoy painting so much. Four different eras of women... 1) The modern pink-haired, punk girl with apple-"Forbidden." 2) The ever so elegant original Gibson Girl, "Evelyn Nesbit." 3) The sad-eyed flapper girl, "Pretty in Pink." 4) The lovely "Citrus Goddess" with her hair of lemon, limes and oranges.

Four little flower lovelies, all in a row. The words written across the card read "In a field of many flowers, you're the one I pick."

It's a card and gift all in one... All ready to give, or receive!

They're for sale in the shop on Etsy.