Thursday, March 31, 2011

Idyllwild goes Idol-Wild

Yes, Idyllwild is bonkers over Casey Abrams! Or I am at least.... well it's true, me, the town and many other non-Idyllwildians, that's for sure. He's so very talented, and now has gotten the one save of the season. I hope he has lots of non local fans. Being from such a small town could hinder someones's chances. But at least the town is passionate about it, and of course his own talent will help, I'm sure.

Tonight is another elimination. After last week, the nerves are on edge!

This is a little drawing from Idyllwid Arts Academy's web site. They are very excited too.

Good lucky Casey!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Pick O The Week - Ampoids

This week's POW is ampoids. These little upcycled items are just pure genius! Ampoids makes portable amps and speakers for your MP3 player, and also little amps for your electric guitar! All this big sound coming out of a little, recycled Altoid tin box. They are very reasonably priced and how convenient to carry.

"Come on and break free from your headphones! -You know you want to!" says the high tech, creative mind at ampoids.

I especially love these because I have a strong fascination with tins.... round tins, square tins, old tins, new tins, large tins, tiny tins, larger tins to hold the tiny tins. They are just a more attractive way to store my many trinkets and supplies for creating!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Little Story About Perseverance

This is a recent piece of art done by my son. I hope the recent line of events will encourage him to get on his blog and start updating again!........

I've been living in my little mountain town for nearly 23 years. One of the draw backs of this life in the jewel of a forest, is the life for a teenager. K-8 is pretty good with the small community. Everybody knows everyone and keeps an eye out for the kids. The school is wonderful with excellent teachers and a large group of volunteers, myself included. This is how our smARTS Program was developed... with concerned parents getting involved and making more art present in the school It's been a big passion for me for the past 9 years.

My son is now in 8th grade. He's been at the little sheltered school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. What happens after 8th grade in this town? Well the nearest public high school is almost 30 miles down the mountain road, in the not so quaint and neighboring town. When my son started kindergarten, that's when I began my fret over what would happen to him once he hit high school. Not only is this school in another town and a whole other environment, the kids are on the bus before 6 am, sometimes being ridden through terrible weather conditions of ice and snow. It's a lot of time being taken to and from school. Not to mention the very large school where after being in this safe community can be overwhelming for some kids. I do have friends whose kids have attended this large school off the hill. They all insist that it's been a great experience, so long as your kid gets in with the good crowd. I, on the other hand, have hated the thought of my kid so far away on a daily basis, as well as the things I've mentioned.

One of the alternatives to this school is either homeschooling, which definitely has been something I've considered, although I'm really not much into that. I've also actually considered moving. The other option is the extremely expensive private arts academy here in my own little town. This is a very prestigious school with talented students from all around the world who are gifted in all aspects of the arts, both visual and performance. I knew I, in no way, could afford the tuition for this school, it rivals many universities in price. But I had to try.

So the time came, this last February to apply for the art school. My son had to create a portfolio with at least 10 pieces and write an essay. I had to fill out an extensive financial application, write a letter of need, and whine and moan for help (ha ha!). We got the tedious application completed for the February 1st deadline. I bitched and moaned and fretted and worried to my friends and loved ones. I knew my kid had the talent and the excellent grades so that he would be accepted, but the financial part?? I was feeling pretty glum about it. Some kids would be accepted completely with a free scholarship, because one of their parents worked there. Some of these kids, I'm sorry to say, have barely tried to get good grades, or even be creative in anyway, yet they'd get in with a free ride. My kid on the other hand, is very creative, tries very hard in school, really wanted to go to this school, as much as I wanted him to. It just didn't seem fair to me. I felt my kid would be unable to attend, purely because his parents are not well off-financially. Plus, I had heard stories from other locals whose kids applied in the past. They would tell me how the school would give them a partial scholarship, but this still wasn't possible for the parents to handle. Thus their kids were bussed down to the enormous high school down under. It just all seemed impossible to me, and I often sat and worried myself sick over the future.

Two weeks ago was the day that they were to announce to us whether my kid could attend this special school. The email came, late in the day, but on the day it was suppose to happen. My son and I read it together. We both could not believe our eyes as we read the amount of scholarship they were going to give my kid!!! How could this be??? My eyes literally filled with tears. This is not how I've heard of it happening before. I thought at the best I'd be having to beg and plead with them and wheel and deal to get them to give more. No, they gave a very generous amount right off, It was as if it were a miracle! It seemed it was like the perfect storm. My kid had talent, brains, excellent teacher recommendations. His portfolio was superb, I was told. He did it with his own hard work. All this and maybe because of his dad having health problems, and being nearly poverty stricken, all these things lined up and an amazing scholarship was given. All my worries for most of his life were over. I do need to come up with some money to pay his tuition, but it's not the amount I had dreaded. It's a very doable thing now.

My moral of this story is to not give up. Don't let what has happened to other people stop you from trying. Each situation is unique. You just don't know until you try. And most importantly remember that hard work can very well pay off. If you want something bad enough and truly try, good things might actually happen for you!

I'm still an emotional wreck over all of this. And yes, I'm still on the verge of tears when I talk about it. It's a fantastic feeling for sure!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

more pendants

I ordered some more cabachons for my pendants a few weeks ago, and have put a few into my Etsy shop. Little prints of my art work art encased in resin on the antique brass cabs. I also purchased some vintage glass pieces to put onto the necklace with the pendants. They are also made with antique brass chain. Kind of Steampunk lookin.

So far I have the Perplexed Little Flapper.

There's also my older little Martini Cat, (also known as "Roses and Martinis." I'll be adding more as I get them finished and pix taken. Find the jewelry section of my shop here.

This last week while watching American Idol, my friend calls me to say "Is Steven Tyler wearing one of your pendants?" I cracked up! So now I find this pix of him, not from last week, but another night. Not my pendant, but same type, different art. And now you too can be like Steve, how cool is that?!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Traditional Batiks

I got my most extensive art lesson of the year completed this week! This is the 6th year I've done this lesson with all the 6th graders. Unfortunately, last year's class didn't get to do them. It was so busy, and I couldn't fit it in when they were learning about India. The teacher wouldn't let me do at a later date. To see the details and more examples you can see my earlier blog entries here, here, and details of the process here.

Elephants are a very popular design, since this lesson is based around India. This is one of the better elephants that has been done over the years. This girl was very meticulous with her drawing and then with the painting.

This fish was my favorite one for the year. Don't ya just love it? It's very inspiring and makes me want to get back into my own batiks, which is my plan for the near future.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maze Rock

Recently we went to see the Hemet Maze Rock. I'd read about this fascinating petroglyph years ago, and finally journeyed out to see.

It was discovered in 1914 by Adelaid Wilson Arnold and her parents. Yes, there are other petroglyphs in the area, but these are from the local Cahuilla Tribe. This design seems to be more of Chinese origin and dates back to possibly 458 A.D. There are accounts of Buddhist missionaries sailing the seas in a Chinese junk, on a journey to spread Buddhism. This is long before Columbus set sail.

This symbol on the rock is Buddhist symbol, what they call a quadruple swastika. The maze traps evil spirits and allows travelers to proceed in peace. The square in the center symbolizes purity. Chinese coins have had the same square for centuries. There are other examples of these petroglyphs signifying a route these missionaries took.

Before this study was ever done, the original family that discovered this rock asked the local Cahuillans to see the maze. They responded that it was very old and and their father's father had said it was made by the people who came from the sea.

Very interesting local Californian history!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

hello there

Today I saw this creature, not in a wind swept meadow, but in the Stater Bros parking lot at the bottom of the hill. I sat waiting in the car and doodled it out in my little journal. What a perfect expression the tree gave to us!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Etsy Pick O The Week - MossTerrariums

This POW features a unique shop with delightful little terrariums! MossTerrariums has gorgeously lush little mini gardens in a jar already for your enjoyment. There are many different types of mosses that are included in the little plant habitats. Very unique and inspiring, indeed!

I also enjoy the many types of containers available. These lightbulbs are unique and interesting. I love these little fairy worlds in a jar!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

You're the one I Pick

I received a new order of buttons, they're all package onto a little greeting card.... In a field of many flowers, you're the one I pick. The buttons are of Evelyn Nesbit - the original Gibson Girl, the sad little flapper who is very perplexed in her cute hat, the girl with stomach fluttering with The Butterflies, and the sad little party girl flapper.

Here they are available in my Etsy shop