Monday, October 27, 2008

Walking with the trees a changin

I've been walking with some moms after we drop off the kids. It's so much easier to get movin if you've got someone to chat with. It's great therapy.

Plus you get some lovely shots... and right now the trees are looking exceptional!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Bull Dogs!

Here's a fun and different thing I've been working the last few days. It's a design for a male cheerleader's varsity jacket. It's a little difficult to make a bulldog look feminine, yet still look like a bulldog, so it was decided to put a red bow on her. You've got to be pretty strong to hold up those girls, and I think this big bulldog is getting that point across fairly well!

A black line drawing will be taken to a company that does the machine embroidery for varsity jackets. I'm excited to see how the final looks!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

TOC - Pony Names (Girls)

This week's Theme of Consciousness theme was "Pony Songs". Now if you've never listened to Jim Ladd you might not know what a "long legged pony" is. It's a lady, of course! So this theme was songs that are about a certain girl, like Maybelline, Gloria, Maggie, you get the picture.

My day was a marathon day at the school. 8:30-8:30, with an hour break in the middle. Just one of those exhausting days where I feel a little hung over at the end of it. Dreaming up and doing a little art work was nearly impossible, and this theme didn't make it very easy. So I thought I'd just practice my digital skills a little, and did this much-to-be desired creation. I used wordle and a little PhotoShop. I wasn't happy with my color scheme in the end, but after a few tries, just had to go with it. Those who listen to TOC will understand the big name of "Sue".

I see I've only been posting TOC "art" lately. I've got some other things going on too, and am sorry to say am a little behind. It's just that time of year where life gets too crazy to blog as much as I'd like :(

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TOC - Drinking Songs

Tonight's Theme of Consciousness was Drinking. I whipped out this little painting. Who else likes to shake it with a drink, while listening to Jim Ladd and TOC?

I made a lot of requests this week, and did get credit for one... Ball and Chain by Social Distortion. There are a lot of great drinking songs out there!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday John Lennon (a day late)

My day yesterday was just out of control, so I'm a day late posting a birthday wish for one of my heroes, John Lennon. I really need to do some new art, but for now I'll post this old drawing I did on his birthday in 1986. I also had to put something on my blog since I'm going out of town for a few days and simply hate neglecting the ol blog!!

So here ya go, and I'm hoping for a more creative week next week. I have been crocheting, but the art has been slipping... I've got some ideas though, and usually that's the biggest battle. See you after the weekend.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cosmos - Late Season Bloomers

I'm sure you avid gardeners out there have grown Cosmos before. They were my introduction to gardening back in my youth. They are the easiest flowers to grow from seed. In fact for those of you in a moister environment, they may be too easy to grow, and could possibly take over if allowed to. I don't have that problem here, so I enjoy them very much. Not only are they not picky, but they brighten up your late-season garden beautifully!

Most grow about 3 feet high, or so. This year I have one growing over 6 feet high! This one took it's time to bloom, and instead put it's energy into growing super tall. But now is blooming so lovely, and the height is amazing.

Another advantage of the Cosmos is that the bees love them! And with our much needed honey bees in dire straits, it's so helpful to them to have these vibrant, whimsical, easy-to-grow beauties in your garden.