Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Art Lesson - Valentine Fairies

This lesson was inspired by and wouldn't be possible without the pixies created by Laurie at Happy as a Lark Designs.

I made these little Valentine Fairies with a second grader and her 3 year old sister yesterday. They were made with wooden bead and dowel, paper, felt, pipe cleaners, ric rack, glitter and pom pom. I had never used the sticky felt before. It really sticks well and sandwiches the legs and dowel very sturdy. I had to help the 3 year old cut and glue, but the second grader could make most of the whole thing herself. I mainly helped with the hat. The project was more crafty than artsy I think, but the girls loved it. Sometimes the project just has to be fun. Even if the adults think there should be some fancy, elaborate lesson on art, the kids just want it to be fun. I try to balance it and mix it up a bit. So I had to take advantage of Valentines day, and just make a cutesy, girly, heart fairy... just for fun.


Laurie said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking to my blog! I don't have a problem with you using my fairies as inspiration, it is so flattering! It is neat to see a version that kids can do, wish I had thought of that. I might try that with my daughter Sabrina. She's 6 years old. I will have to mention your fairies in my blog! Laurie:)

jenny holiday said...

Really really sweet!! Laurie's pixies are just the sweetest! I have a growing collection of them! She is such a doll as well!!

Great idea!! Love them!!

Happy Creating! Happy Blogging!
xoxo Jenny