Saturday, June 30, 2007

In the OC

We went on our first mini-trip of the summer... down to the OC. I got a new camera and I'm so jazzed! I've had my oldie for 7 years, and it's such a dino. It worked good for me when no other would work with my old computer, but I was so ready for this smaller, faster, and higher quality camera. I had a fabulous time trying it out!!!

First we spent the day with my mom, sis and nephews, including the 18 month old twins. Makes for an entertaining, yet extra sandy day. Such cutie-pies!!

After that we went to eat at one of my favorite places to eat, The Gypsy Den. We usually go to the one in Santa Ana, in the Artist Village. A good day to go is on the first Saturday, monthly, for the Santa Ana Art Walk.

Before I left my mom's I had to get some pix of her garden. Here we have The Tiki Room, created by Grandma and boys.

My mom really knows how to create a delightful garden. This is one of her ponds.

She's lucky to have such beautiful water lilies blooming. And I'm lucky to have a new camera to take such lovely shots!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - soapdeli

I'm always a sucker for soap with the scent of sage. While cruising etsy a couple of weeks ago I found this soap for sale. And yes, for some reason, sage scented soap is one I really like. So on an impulse I bought some soap from soapdeli. I'm happy to say this soap I bought was simply scrumptious! Sage and citrus is a perfect combination, and this soap feels so luxurious! And what topped off this perfect transaction was the incredibly high speed at which it arrived in my post office box! There are a lot of handmade soaps on etsy, but I have to say that the scents over at soapdeli are delightful! I will be back again. She's also got lotions and scrubs in her shop, which my feet are needing terribly at this time. You can also find their website at

As I mentioned, I bought this soap on impulse. I usually do buy on impulse, especially while looking at the lovely things on etsy. I've never hearted an item, then later gone back and bought it. I'm wondering how many people actually do go back to the item that they hearted, or are watching, and actually buy it?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Decade of Motherhood

I'm amazed that my son turned 10! It's so cliche, but they do grow up so fast! I'm very proud of my friendly, creative, intelligent, sweet boy! If you've got the time, and interest, go to his blog Creep-A-Zoid Art and comment to be entered in his give away in honor of his birthday.

We already had the party for his friends a couple of days ago. So on the actual birthday we like to have a fairly relaxing day together and go out and enjoy nature in some way. We took a little hike. It was a little hot in the sun, but the sky was very blue and there was a nice little breeze. Although you can see the result of our drought. More dead trees.

Just a small amount of smog when you looked out over towards the city.

Even with the drought, you can still enjoy a little green in the creek areas. The smell is as lovely as ever, and there's still a tiny bit of water flowing in this creek.

After our day hiking, we went off the hill for dinner and a movie. An enjoyable day in honor of 10 busy, happy years!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rosey Rose

Brad brought me home these beauties. I wish I could say they were from my garden, but I lost my best rose bush last year to a mole. I've still got a couple, but none that produce roses like these!

I always see faces in flowers, and this is the one that came to see me after receiving these lovelies.

You can find "Rosey Rose" my shop shop on etsy. It's acrylic on a 4 inch, round wooden, plaque

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm Perplexed

I finished this little painting today. It's acrylic on a 5x5 inch wooden plaque. I'm perplexed at just what to call her. She looks very perplexed to me. So I guess she's going to be called "Perplexity".

She started out as a sketch from a couple of weeks ago. I often like to sketch and doodle in my journal while watching t.v. I was watching a silent movie and here's a spread that I doodled in my book. I don't really know much about the plot of this movie... You can miss quite a bit of a silent movie if you draw during it, but it sure had some cute girls in it! You can see this Perplexed young lady as she was originally drawn, in the bottom right corner.

Before I painted her I was thinking about the colors of the 20's. We talked about "just what were the colors of the 20's?" Wesley thought they were grey, black and white. Well of course, that's what I think too, just like all old decades, really. Then I tried to imagine more, and I thought of The Great Gatsby, and the colors to me in that story are very pastel. So here you have a little bit of pastel.

She also reminds me of the little gift books published by Hallmark in the late 60s, early 70s. I have one of those little books that I've had since I was 2. Since then I've collected quite a variety of the quaint books. For some reason, the hat, or facial expression reminds me of those books.

I quite enjoy this quirky Perplexity, and I'm sure I'll make prints of her in the future. For now we have the little piece in my shop on etsy.

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - Novembermoon

I'm lovin all the time that summer gives to me! Yeah, sure there's distractions when kids are home from school, but not having to deal with the school schedule is a wonderful thing!

I found this shop Novembermoon today, and what cute and funky things! I like the way she layers many types of materials into her creations. You'll find original paintings, fun and adorable dolls (always a fave of mine!), neat things made with monoprints, and some bags and handknit items.

Novembermoon also has an entertaining blog, one that I will definitely be back to visit often!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Altered Box - Count your life with smiles!

"Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll."

I altered this box that once held tubes of acrylic paint. I used a little reproduction of a painting that I did earlier this year. That was collaged with tissue paper, and the quote and acrylic paint were added.

Once I collaged and varnished it, the box wasn't fitting together like it originally did. So I glued thin rope around it to act as a stopper, to keep the lid from getting stuck.

It's a little funky, but the textures make it fun to hold. And the size is perfect for holding some special little trinkets, or would make a wonderful gift box. Approx 5 x 3.5 x 1.75 inches.

I've got 4 more of these little boxes, so I look forward to making more.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

100th Post!!

Cheers to my 100th! How fitting that my 100th post was to happen during an outrageously busy week!

Insanely busy schedule with end of the school year activities... field trips, plays, baseball playoffs, award ceremonies, other assorted duties - throw in a wedding reception and birthday parties, friends visiting from out of state, and a family crisis... well this makes for a stressed woman, and a suffering blog! Things are looking better now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my first day of summer vacation. I'm so ready for my time of the year with no real schedule.

My Pick-O-The-Week will return next Wednesday. I just had to get a posting done before more time passed.

I did this painting a few years ago. It's a favorite of mine and shows up from time to time in prints of different sorts. The original is on a wood panel plaque. I'll be painting some more plaques soon.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - MrToastStore

Who DOESN'T like Mr. Toast?

My life's a little crazy now, so I chose to do an old favorite for my Pick-O-The-Week, MrToastStore!

I first came across Mr. Toast on MySpace, and how happy to later see him on Etsy. There's something so fun about Dan Goodsell and all of his little friends, you can't help but smile when you see the creatures! My 9 year old son was instantly hooked on all the characters, and he used his hard earned art money to buy one of Dan's books last year. Of course, the book was an instant success with all of his friends as well. They liked Mr. Toast so much that there were a few days of Mr. Toast and friends games at school. One friend went so far as claiming that HE had invented Mr. Toast a couple of years earlier. We of course knew that was just a tall tale!

Over in the MrToastStore you'll find original paintings, books, buttons, bookmarks, and plushies like this hilarious "Frankentoast" that you see here. I'm sure there's bound to be other stuff there sometime soon.

Find Dan's website at From there you can find his ever-so-entertaining blog, animations and lots of other fun, happy stuff.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just a little Purple

My garden is becoming so very lovely that I just had to share a little bit of purple!

Every year I get some lobelia and other colorful annuals to plant in my window boxes assorted pots. I was happy to also get some violas again. I just love those little flowers, and they really do self seed themselves and spread slightly around your garden.

But what fabulous shades of purples and blues these posies add to my yard, and my blog!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Buttons are Back

These are little buttons (or pins) that I have sculpted in polymer clay, then painted with acrylic paint. They are then coated with glossy acrylic varnish. On the back is a little safety pin that is sculpted into the clay. The look is more 3D than they appear in my photo. Little pieces of art that you can wear.

In the 90s I made a lot of these buttons, in many designs. Having not made any in nearly 10 years, it was fun to make these again. Back then peace signs didn't have a lot of significance, although I made them anyway. Now I'm enjoying making these buttons with messages even more!

Look for new designs very soon.