Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a find - Gisela Voh

I'm so jealous! My mom bought this adorable, original painting at an estate sale for $25.00! It was painted by Gisela Voh in 1965. I didn't measure it, but it's about a 11x14 size. It had a letter attached in broken English, and it seems it was sold to the original owner at a discount price... the reason having to do with the "heart."

Because of the seemingly professional sale that happened, I thought I could find some info on this artist. After a few pages of searching, all I found was some info written in German. It wasn't a lot of info, but after translating I found a Gisela Voh, born in Schmiedeberg (1906-1985), and yes, she was a painter.

I just love this illustration so much, I would so much like to see more from this artist. But for now, don't you think my mom should give me this for my birthday coming in October? I sure do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yosemite - part three - plein air

Yosemite is one of the most inspiring places to be, and I just love doing lots of art in my little travel journal while there. Here's a little sampling of this year's sketchings.

This year we attended one of the free art classes that are offered in the valley. This time it was a watercolor class (last time we did a class we did drawing). The instructor had us paint over by the Ahwahnee Hotel. Here's my little rendition. It's always interesting to get critiques, and the instructor gave one for my painting.

Some things I agreed with, some not ;) But since I don't paint a whole lot of landscapes I think it was pretty helpful.

This was painted from our camp looking at the little cliff below North Dome.

Yes, I do have a tendency to use "pure" colors. Maybe it's the palette I bring on vacation.

Or more likely, it's just my style. I can't seem to paint a landscape to exactly match it's subject. The instructor wanted us to use "fun" colors. And I did just that, maybe just a bit too much.

Here's Half Dome from the bridge near the campgrounds. It's a long tradition of ours to paint Half Dome at sunset. I'm not sure if I improve each time, or not.

Here's Yosemite Falls from the meadow just across from the falls. Well I actually had to imagine the falls, since they were pretty dry. This one looks a little incomplete because it started raining. We had to quickly pack up and ride our bikes to shelter. It was very beautiful!

Another quick pen drawing of Yosemite Falls.

Here's another view of Yosemite Falls as seen lounging on the river by the Swinging Bridge.

And my last painting. Yet another view of the famous Falls from the river right by our camp in North Pines. I've also done many paintings of this view, because we've camped many times in North Pines.

So what do you think? Is my landscape style just a little too colorful? Should I cut back on my vibrant colors? Do you have a favorite? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yosemite and It's Wonders - part two

As promised I had to continue with the Wonders of Yosemite.

We hadn't been to Glacier Point in quite a while, so we made sure to visit the amazing spot this trip. Here's the view of Yosemite Valley. Not for those sensitive to heights! Hold on to your hat!

Here I sit with another extraordinary view from Glacier Point. You can see Nevada Falls way beyond, as you look to the left of me. Next to the falls you can see one of the many enormous pieces of rock, Liberty Cap.

And here's Liberty Cap again. This time we were sitting right beside it, at the top of Nevada Falls.

Yosemite has the some of the most relaxing bike trails, with spectacular sights every where you turn.

Including the many bucks that you see daily, lounging in the shadows of the meadows. In the early evening you'll see them get up from their rest, maybe to get a snack from the nearby apple trees in the Camp Curry parking lot.

Some of the best swimming is in the Merced River, with the natural beauty surrounding you. It is very awe inspiring.

I often wonder how so much beauty could be placed in one spot. It just couldn't be an accident. I can never get enough!

And finally, it just wouldn't be a vacation for me without getting a really cool shot of some kind of exotic bug! This guy just wouldn't move as I photographed him in the natural garden for the fairies... The Fen.

And tomorrow I'll post some of the art I created while in God's Masterpiece. No place inspires me more than Yosemite.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yosemite - part one - The Mist Trail

I've been to the beautiful Yosemite and back. If you've never been, I have to say it's a must see, even with it's over the top amount of people! Since we were there in August of a dry year, Yosemite Falls was dry, but Vernal Falls is gorgeous as ever.

We took the Mist Trail up the many stairs to the top of Vernal Falls. It's called the Mist Trail because you can feel the mist as you climb the stairs beside the falls. Very exhilerating!

Once at the top of Vernal Falls you reach the Emerald Pool which you aren't suppose to swim in, but many do. Many people make this their destination, but not us. We followed the north side of the trail to the top of Nevada Falls. This side of the trail is shorter, but hot and very steep. You get some great views of Nevada Falls though.

We took the long way back down. Longer but more comfortable, less jarring on your knees, and less of a feeling that you're going to completely bite the dust! It's an all day event for us, with an over 6 mile round trip hike. After the hike, a beer and rinse off in the river is the best!

I'll share more photos, and Yosemite art soon... Like tomorrow.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Leaving for Yosemite!

Just a quick little post to say I'm going to the most beloved, Yosemite! We'll be biking and swimming the valley, strolling The Fen with it's fairies and other little spirits, and hiking the Misty Trail.

Are you enjoying the last fleeting moments of your summer? I hope you have lots of chances to play in the sunshine with the butterflies!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Cozy Place for Tea

A cozy place for tea. Or maybe a beer!

I started this drawing in, believe it or not, 1999! I got the urge to finish it last night. This is a quaint sitting area for all friendly neighbors to come and enjoy. There's a real version of it in Silverado Canyon. Actually neighboring the house I lived in as a child, although this garden room sadly wasn't yet constructed when I was living there.

I finished up the pen and ink, then painted it quite colorful and finished it at about 2 in the morning. I went to bed a little too late last night. But I've always been more productive on a stay-up-late/wake-up-late kind of schedule. That's one reason the school year is such a drag to me.

Anyway I'm not sure... should it be made into a print, or card maybe? Just not sure yet.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - Sweetnellie

As promised, I've got a POW (Etsy seller Pick-O-The-Week!)... Sweetnellie. I adore this little bird!

And this dog!

OH, I'm also crazy over this elephant, cause elephants are always the cutest! I guess it's impossible to choose a favorite from this shop. The creations are so delightfully quirky and enjoyable!
Sweetnellie also has a wonderful blog, check it out!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

TOC - Blood

Tonight's theme for TOC was Blood, on account of the KLOS Blood Drive in So Cal. I wasn't able to give blood this time, I just couldn't go off the mountain for it at this time.

So I whipped up a little vampire for the bloody theme. Not sure why I do these little pieces for TOC. Sometimes I just need an idea to kick me in the butt.

I'd better get to bed, I've got to get up in 6 hours. I hate early morning risings!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Jerry!

I'm going out of town tomorrow, early, but I wanted to post a quick Happy Birthday message to Jerry Garcia. Haven't heard much mention of it today. This is a very old painting that I did in 1987.. Good times!

Got other things to write about and post soon. I'm very overdue for an Etsy Pick-O-The-Week, so look for a fantastic Etsier soon!