Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

These are my son's Valentines that he handed out this year. We printed one of his ACEOs onto paper and wrapped a chocolate bar with the print. He then sealed it with a sticker and wrote on the back. I thought they turned out great and unique.

Most kids had the usual store bought Valentines. There's always a couple that make their Valentines - the same kids each year. I always appreciate the homemade varieties. I hope someone in the class can appreciate my son's as well. He's always made his also, since kindergarten.

It was a very nice Valentines Day for us. I hope you all had a memorable day of Love, too!


Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Saffron: I was just reading your profile and noticed that you are in the mountains of So. Cal. I'm in Corona, in Riverside County.


M.Anderson said...

Thanks for the blog visit! I will add you to my links.