Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love Birds

The challenge in the ACEO group this week was "Lovebirds." I took it quite literally and came up with this pair. They are in love and enjoying the sunset together. I noticed some people have done a pair of lovebirds - you know, the little parrot kind. I don't know which interpretation is more literal, mine or the parrots?

I think I'll digitally add some words to this image and make some cards. I've got a couple of other designs, all with the same love or valentine theme. Then I can sell a set of Lover cards. But will someone really buy a set of these? Most people don't need more than one Lover card to give. Unless you're buying a set for a classroom, then they'll need 20 or more. I just like the idea of sets of greeting cards. I guess they can always be used as general greetings for throughout the year.

I think I should do a larger art piece soon. But for now we have an ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, watercolor and pen and ink.


New wrist warmers-fingerless gloves

I made these cozy wrist warmers, or a longish fingerless glove. They are a very woodsy type of green. They look like forest moss. They're made with an acrylic "mohair" yarn and they are kind of fuzzy. I really love the wool yarn that is hand spun by so many people these days, but I get an itchy feeling sometimes with wool. So this pair of gloves is for the people that are sensitive to wool.

Now that I've figured out this pattern, I will make some more using a variety of yarns. And I like them so much that I must make a pair for myself as well.

  • You can find them for sale now on Etsy.
  • They're only $10.00.

    Sunday, January 28, 2007

    Illustration Friday - Red

    My entry for Illustration Friday's Red had to be Little Red Riding Hood. This is "Beware of Strangers".

    There was bound to be other Little Reds that were done this week. I'm just glad that I had mine pretty much done before I went and looked at some of the other entries. I didn't want to be influenced by the other Riding Hoods, or I would be too intimidated to do my own. There are so many wonderful illustrations on IF. It can really take your time away if you get too involved at looking at all the fabulous art there.

    As for Little Red Riding Hood - I don't think I really liked the story all that much. But she does have a cute outfit! I've always been a little upset with the Wolf always being the bad guy. I can understand the damage they do, but I also see so much beauty. But I enjoy all animals really. And to have any become extinct or even to have none in their natural habitat - well that is truly one of the most sad things to me. Having been a German Shepherd owner for so long, I can appreciate wolfs even that much more. My own Ziggy is so wolf-like at times and that adds to my love for the wild wolves.

    This is an ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, acrylic on acid-free, 140lb watercolor paper. I've listed it on eBay, and as usual for my ACEOs- a $0.99 starting bid.


    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Pretty in Pink

    Well here's yet another flapper. The theme week for the ACEO Enthusiasts group on eBay was "cosmetics." I have a picture of my sister that I always wanted to do a painting of. She was about 17 in the pix and she is putting on some makeup. I thought that was a good excuse to finally do the picture of her. So I started doodling and soon the image turned into this flapper girl. My sister never was a flapper but I guess I like to draw that kind of girl so much that it just transformed into this. Soon I saw the face in the heart and that became my valentine stamp from the previous post.

    This girl had to take a break and go powder her nose. She's surely hiding something very sad as you can see in her eyes. I hope she gets a handle on her emotions and can go back to the party and have a fun time after all.

    This is of course another ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, acrylic.

    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Valentines Day Cards - Or any occasion really

    I printed some Valentines Day cards with my hand made stamp today. This is the best picture I got of the design. I have some that are printed with 2 colors - black and red or black and pink. Then I added some glitter to the wet acrylic paint. I do like the colored ones but I wanted to show a clear pix of the design here. And if ever something looked better in person, these hand printed cards are it - with each looking a bit different from the next. And the little bit of fine glitter adds a special something.

    Why do I use acrylic paint and not ink? Well, I just don't have the ink right now. I've made my Christmas cards for 2 years now in the same way. I'm guessing people like ink better than paint because the paint is very thick on the stamp. It dries fast and if you're not careful it can start to clog the stamp up. And I'm not sure how well the glitter would stick to the ink. The paint makes for an unpredictable outcome, but that also makes each card that much more unique. I've just been happy with how the cards turn out with paint so I haven't gotten any ink to use instead.

  • They're for sale on etsy right now
  • I Heart U - carved stamp

    I drew and carved this stamp last night. It's carved on a 2 3/4x4 1/2 inch Speedball Speedy-Cut. These are so soft to carve, making for an easy way to make your own hand made stamp. I always seem to forget about making letters backward and that's the only slight problem I had with this.

    Monday, January 22, 2007

    Froggy Went a Courtin' - NFAC

    I joined in on NibbleFest this month. The theme was - music/musician. A familiar subject for me. This is "Froggy Went a Courtin'", and I pretty much love these two.

    I was listening to WDVX, which I often do on Sundays, and I heard the Froggy song. This was a very old version from the 30s. My memories of Froggy Went a Courtin, are of Tom and Jerry. Jerry had an old cowboy uncle and he sang that song. It left a big impression on me and I think I must've always loved the song, (and the adorable mouse uncle). Then I heard the song on Wild Hog in the Woods which is on from 6-7 pm PST, on WDVX. That's when I decided to do this cute couple for my nibblefest entry. My son sang the song in music. It's nice to hear there's some culture that is still taught. I don't like to think of what happens to poor Froggy in the end. So I just think of him in this happy way. Enjoying the day out courtin this fair lady.

    I'm in an ACEO mood lately, and that's what this is. 3.5x2.5 inches, watercolor and pen and ink.


    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Illustration Friday - Super Hero

    Here we have "Rocky Raccoon-Defender of the Forest". He's faster than a speeding arsonist, more powerful than a bunch of bark beetles, and able to leap tall bulldozers with a single bound.

    I'm not in the habit of drawing super heroes, so coming up with an idea was challenging. I finally thought that it would be great if there only were a super hero to protect the forest and it's creatures. Although I also thought it would be nice to have a super hero to clean my house and make dinner.

    This is an ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, watercolor and pen and ink.

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  • Friday, January 19, 2007

    Three Little Friends

    Here are 3 Luv-N-Kitties. I really enjoy these little cuties. So fun to make. All three are on etsyright now.

    We woke up to an unexpected couple of inches of snow this morning. It was a blustery, snowy morning and that made for a chaotic time of getting ready. I got a ride to town with a friend for an art lesson at the school. Because of my confusing morning, I forgot my camera so I will post later about that lesson. I will teach the same lesson to the other Kindergarten class next week, so maybe you'll be interested in hearing about it then.

    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Painting a Day - Illustration Friday-80s

    This is my entry for this week's Ilustration Friday. The theme is 80s. This is "MewDonna".

    I couldn't make up my mind while I was thinking about the 80s. My interests at that time were so varied, and changed so often. So I just thought of what was very influentual during that time. And, of course, Madonna came to mind. And then MewDonna was born. I did actually buy the first Madonna album, on cassette tape. What's a cassette? Seems so ancient, and more obsolete than records. Because I still listen to records, but rarely listen to cassettes. I did have a lot of fun dancing to Madonna many times, especially to that first album. That was before she had really hit it big and before I got a bit burned out from her. I was a bit anti-mainstream back then. Guess I still am.

    Having come of age during the 80s made it a very eventful time for me. But I wouldn't say they were the best of times. Well, maybe some of it was!

    It's an ACEO, 3.5x2.5 inches, acrylic.


    Thursday, January 11, 2007


    This is my first Luv-N-Kitty. She's very folky-cute and she even has a heart pocket that holds a special Valentine's Day card (or any special message.) As with all my sewing projects, I used vintage or reclaimed fabrics, as well as a little felt. Her face is painted in acrylic. I've got a couple more just about to be finished, probably today sometime. You can find this cutey for sale on etsy by clicking here.

    I really like the idea of "Painting a Day", but I'm discovering it is just impossible for me. I'm finding that it is affecting my blog habits. I only seem to post paintings since I started this Daily painting thing. I don't want the administrator on the Daily Painting site to have extra work by weeding through my non-painting blogs. So because of this I don't post my other creations. And well, I have to do these other things as well as paint. That's the way I am. I like the idea of painting new pieces for the practice and the productivity. But I find the creative deadline daunting. I don't want to paint just anything. I have to have an interesting subject, and somedays I don't have an interesting subject in my mind. I knew that would be a problem for me, and is definately one I need to work on. But I also think it's important for me to make other things besides a new idea on canvas everyday. So I don't know, will I be kicked out of the group?

    Well, I've decided to just create, and blog, whatever is naturally happening for me--rather than hindering the creative process with rules that I alone have put on myself!

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Painting a Day - Cheers again

    I liked my previous painting a day so much that I wanted to paint a sister for her. Well this sister must be the problem child because she took so much longer to paint than the first one. I finally had to just say, "Oh well," and give up on her. Some times paintings just flow and I'm happy with them right away. Other times, well here she is! She's ok, really! I do kind of like her quirky, goofy expression. I just have to accept her for what she is. And stop wasting time on this one painting. Maybe I learned a little something from the endless workings of her face. I don't know! But anyway I had to post a painting since I will leave town AGAIN tomorrow. So as usual I get on a role, then boom, something stops my production. Check back in a couple days, please. I promise I will have a longer stretch of creativity. That's a promise to myself!

    This is acrylic on 5x7" canvas board.

  • click here to see it on Etsy.