Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Greetings from Rebecca Flowers

I've been busy this week getting back into the old school routine. I'm happy I was able to do some art and post some items up for sale. I listed this catdoll a couple of days ago. It's about time! This cat has taken forever to make. That's what happens when first of all - I papier mached the head what?? 2 years ago?! Then I finally painted the head about 9 months ago. Shortly after that I sewed the body and decorated her with the heart. Then she sat around for more months until I finally dressed her earlier this week. And yay she's finished! Then I named her Rebecca Flowers. No, she is not related to Jennifer Flowers! I do adore these dolls, as all dolls. But I guess they are so time consuming that I loose interest. I have another boy catdoll that I will finish hopefully very soon. They really do look better, and are happier, with a friend near by!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Roses, Roses, Roses

Wow, check out these roses! I received them from Brad and aren't they gorgeous? They are screaming to be made into a painting. But I wasn't able to do it. I went out of town for my sister's wedding. Now I'm finally back home. And no plans for leaving again. I can sit back and do lots of art. I've had lots of inspiration this summer, and now it's time to put those ideas onto canvas! It's sad for school to start, but I'm looking forward to my time at home now. What's really a bummer is the roses were left at my mom's and are probably gonners by now anyway. Oh well, I do have this beautiful picture of the roses that were brought home in a bucket!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hot Sauce for Hot Sauce

This is a pepper that we've been nursing all summer. It's Wesley's prize possession. We were across country and the first thing he'd ask Brad on the phone was, "How's my pepper?" I'm grateful the thing wasn't ate by a bird or mole. I'm able to grow a lot of things and my garden is flourishing, but I'm not the best at growing vegetables. That is ironic since I want to move and have some acres just so that I can grow some of my food. Maybe it's the soil here on the mountain that is stunting my veggies growth. Well this pepper is quite a prize to behold. What will we make with it? Any ideas out there?

"Hot Sauce" is Wesley's nick name. As of this summer he was christened with that name by a cousin out in Michigan. Hot Sauce had a lot of fun with those teenage people. He was one of the stars out on the badminton court, thus the name. Will the pepper turn out to be as hot as the grower of the pepper? We shall see. It is a beauty though!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Made My Day!

I got an email today from someone who bought my painting this weekend on Etsy. She said,

"It was really my 2 1/2 year old daughter who picked this out - I was browsing Etsy and she shrieked out "The cat! Ha-woah-ween cat! Yay!" and I was sold. Originally I was thinking of this for my little crafty corner but I get a feeling it will end up in her room."

I thought that was the cutest thing, and it really made my day. I had just gotten back from an awkward meeting, and I was happy to come home to that email. And yes, it made my day!

I always get a kick out of it when a kid likes my art. They are very honest. My art ususally does appeal to children. Maybe more than adults, I don't know! I guess I think like a kid. They can also get so amazed with the simplest thing. It can boost your ego, sometimes when it's really needed!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

saffron's new blog

Well, I've finally decided to make a blog. Why? Not sure. Just in case there's someone out there wanting to see what's up with me!

So today is Sunday. I've been home what 5 days? But I've got to leave town again in a couple of days. My sister's getting married and I must attend, of course. Haven't been home much this summer. But did go to 20 states. I experienced the country a bit instead of the quiet life in the mountains. I will share some photos from that soon.

Yay, I sold my second item on etsy today. Two items sold in less than a week. That's pretty good traffic. It beats ebay. Well at least so far. Sold a cute little bracelet with a little print encased in resin. The print is of a painting I did way back when I was a wee 20 year old. It is "1930s Lovers". Wow it sold so fast, in about 10 minutes after posting it. That was pretty cool!

Gotta go now. This is a little start to my blog.