Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - AFanicifulTwist

I've neglected my Etsy Pick-O-The-Week for most of the summer. But I'm all vacationed-out, and ready for a POW!

This week I'm featuring an artist whos work I found earlier in the summer. AFancifulTwist has originals, prints, and some very whimsical clay pieces. I love the colors, compositions, and graceful lines in these illustrations. Very beautiful stuff! And her blog is superb, and has become one of my regular places to visit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Pocket Mirror

Life has been very busy since returning from the beautiful Northern California. I'll share more soon, but for now I finally added my pocket mirrors to the shop on Etsy.

They come with a little organza bag to help protect it.

They're made from a painting that I did last year. I've got some other new items that I'll bring out soon. I liked this previous NibbleFest entry for "Gnarled Trees."

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Trip!

We're leaving on another trip. Not as far this time, but don't expect to hear from me until after August 21. It's been a while since we've been to the bay area, and I'm so looking forward to it! As usual, my time is running out, so I've just found an older painting I did of my dog, Ziggy. He's all grown up now, almost 2.

Why did I choose Ziggy? Well, he's going on vacation with us, and whenever a huge dog is with you on a road trip, well it pretty much takes over a lot of your thoughts!! I've got my list of all the beaches that allow dogs, and we'll be camping, so I think we'll do ok!

Look for me after the 21, and do enjoy the remaining moments of your summer!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Beautiful BUGS!!

Today, at my mom's, we had a most interesting visitor. And how lucky was I to capture the extreme, intricate, beauty of this dragonfly! If you create a beautiful, natural setting you can have these lovelies visit you, too!... even in Orange County! What's funny is it kept returning back to this EXACT same spot, as if it wanted me to get it's picture!

Here's another gorgeous character that I was so fortunate to capture, digitally. This guy was found on our walk, at my Grandma's, way deep in the heart of Texas. Outside Austin.

And sorry for the BAD QUALITY of this last photo...

This much scarier bug (scorpion) fell down from the ceiling in the spare room at my Grandmas. Luckily I saw it land, because as you can see, it's EXACTLY the color of the carpet!! It wouldn't stand still long enough for a better pix, And Wesley soon killed it. CREEPY!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I guess I should be happy that I've got plans. But I really only want to stay home, after my long trip in July. I've got obligations, so I'll leave my peaceful little mountain home for a couple of days.

I've been doing a lot work on my house. Clean sweeping, spring cleaning (in summer), organizing. I'll have pix of my revamped kitchen soon. Because of the revamping, I'm able to use my juicer much easier than the space-challenged kitchen allowed before. I usually make a combo of apple-carrott with other veggies. Look at the gorgeous colors that beets, carrotts, pears, and apples make...

Yummy! So earthy, with hints of dirt! (Beets!)