Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tea with the Mad Hatter

This weeks ACEO challenge was "hat". I did "Tea with the Mad Hatter". My Mad Hatter is a dog. I like how the March Hare looks truly mad, and poor Alice is a little freaked at her circumstance.

I was reading about The Mad Hatter and found this interesting info. Did you know that Hatters really did go mad? Mercury was once used in the felting process of making hats. This caused some terrible effects, making them quite mad! Not sure what made the March Hare so mad.

It's always so much fun to draw Alice and her crazy encounters. So yes I hear "hat" and Lewis Carroll definately comes to my mind.

This is an ACEO.


Garden Painter Art said...

Saffron: I love your interpretation of the Mad Hatter as a dog. Right this minute, I would love to be sitting at the table with him, having a spot of tea.

Garden Painter Art

Sam I Am said...

awwww.. i love their big expressive eyes!!!! :)