Thursday, February 22, 2007

NibbleFest-Fairy Tales-Thumbelina

The NibbleFest theme this month is "Fairy Tales". My favorite fairy tale has to be "Thumbelina" or "Little Tiny" by Hans Christian Andersen. The first book I remember owning was "Thumbelina." It had a cover that was a venticular (3D looking picture). I hadn't thought of that book in a long time. I wish I had a copy of it now. I always loved the story and the Swallow is definately a favorite. So of course, I had to do this little rendering.

I listed my card, and then went to list Wesley's NibbleFest. Well, just by accident did I list mine first, I usually do his first. In between the 2 listings, eBay seems to be doing maintenance. Am I going crazy, or didn't they usually always do maintenance at 1am, not 11pm PST? That really messed me up. So I guess I'll have to put Wesley's on a 3 day auction. It will better than having an auction end at 1 am, I think.

I still seem to be fighting off the dreaded sickness. I am having minor symptoms though - nothing like what everyone else has. I'm still taking Airborne twice a day. I'm thinking good thoughts!


Sam I Am said...

YIPPPPEEEE for me!!!! I won this beautiful card!!!!
THank you !!!

Lucy said...

Thank you for that... when I saw the image it remembers me so nice memories. It was my favorite too... and my second favorite one was the one with a princess in the top of a tower. A prince came and climb the tower by the long long long hairs of the princess.