Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Love Birds

The challenge in the ACEO group this week was "Lovebirds." I took it quite literally and came up with this pair. They are in love and enjoying the sunset together. I noticed some people have done a pair of lovebirds - you know, the little parrot kind. I don't know which interpretation is more literal, mine or the parrots?

I think I'll digitally add some words to this image and make some cards. I've got a couple of other designs, all with the same love or valentine theme. Then I can sell a set of Lover cards. But will someone really buy a set of these? Most people don't need more than one Lover card to give. Unless you're buying a set for a classroom, then they'll need 20 or more. I just like the idea of sets of greeting cards. I guess they can always be used as general greetings for throughout the year.

I think I should do a larger art piece soon. But for now we have an ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, watercolor and pen and ink.


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