Sunday, March 30, 2008

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - InfiniteCosmosGirl

It's time again for some Wonderful Etsy Goodies... with a Pick-O-The-Week.. which by the way has become an Etsy Pick-O-The-Every-Once-And-A-While. (sorry I hate routines, and schedules!)

So I had to pick some more extra beautiful glass pieces, this time from the ever so exotic InfiniteCosmosGirl. One of my favorite things in this shop (although very hard to choose one favorite!) are these very unique rings. I must get one some day, even if only as a gift for my mom... Although I want one for myself too!

You'll also find stunning pendants, beads, jars, bottles, earrings, and other interestingly beautiful items! I absolutely love blown glass! And yes, I'm fire-phobic, so don't see myself doing this any time soon.

And what an outstanding gift would this beauty make for some special person in your life.

And what makes this shop even more special?! Why a fun and entertaining blog, that's what!! She's living the life, on a farm with adorable animals in Oregon! You must check it out!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Journal - Fuller Mill Creek sketch

This is a little sketch that I did on our Easter walk. Just one of the many magnificent waterfalls that can be found there. It can be a challenge for me to do a pen and ink scenery drawing. Good practice though. I added a little prismacolor today, just to give it a little needed greenery. Wesley also did a good little drawing of the scene. I'll try to talk him into posting it on his blog. It's not his normal style, but interesting still.

Just a quick little posting, since I'm trying not to neglect my blog as much, especially while my life is not quite as busy as normal.

NibbleFest - Secret Garden

Here's my late entry for NibbleFest - Secret Garden. I procrastinated, then got delayed with little things all night. And missed the time slot by an hour and a half. Oh well, it won't be an official entry, but I still wanted to list it. It's fun to be a part of the NibbleFest contest, even if you can't officially "win" the prize.

So this is a view of the secret life that my flowers lead. They regularly have a little garden party, and a lucky few are invited.

I'm so happy that they'll be awakening from their winter hibernation, SOON!

This an original watercolor and pen and ink, ACEO (2.5x3.5 inches)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter to you!

This cutie gave me a Happy Easter wish yesterday at the local Easter Egg Hunt. I love bulldogs!

For Easter we went on a little walk up Fuller Mill Creek. Since it was such a warm day, and with all the water we've had, I really wanted to see the gorgeous spot. Such an extreme change from last weekend... snow to shorts, it was a warm 67. Yes, my seasonally white legs saw the light of day for the first time this year, YAY! It felt good!

The water was so tumultuous! So very fine!

Around the 1890's the area was a large logging zone. Near this spot was an important lumber mill, thus the name. Here's some evidence of the old growth logging that happened throughout the mountain. Goes to show you how well cedar wood lasts.

Easter is a time of rebirth, and here's a relaxing sight of the new growth and greenery. There's no better place for Easter than God's natural cathedral!

I hope you were able to enjoy God's Gift for Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

smARTS Exhibit

One of the recent events that took a bit of my volunteer time was our smARTS Exhibit at Idyllwild Arts. This is the 3rd time we've been given this opportunity for our local school. Every other year this has happened.

Many hours go into this event, and many people contribute. Our committee first chose a piece of art from each student...approx 320 of them. We try to choose a good example for the kid, as well as represent at least one project from each of the visual artists that help the kids. After that arduous, yet fun, task, we hang the art, under the direction of the gallery facilitator. Then there's the opening reception, which we usually just get to mingle and appreciate our efforts. The kids seem to enjoy this night.

So above you can see the foreshortening lesson I did with the fifth graders. This project really popped on the walls. I loved how this section turned out.

Here are the butterflies that's become a regular 3rd grade lesson for me. I love seeing a bunch together. It shows the individuality of each kid.

And here are the very fun dragons that I will continue with fourth graders during the Chinese New Year. The kids really love these dragons. Some get pretty rowdy with them when they're done. What's better than art you can play with?

So yes, this event is a lot of work, but the outcome is rewarding, and pretty important, indeed!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glorious Spring has Sprung!

On my first day of Spring, I had to drive off the hill, yet again. As I was driving I was thinking about what to post for my First Day of Spring blog entry. (I seem to do my deepest thinking while driving) I wanted to show some kind of Spring that was in my own yard. And as I thought of that, I realized we're really not quite in the season of Spring at my house quite yet.

So how lucky was I, when minutes later I see these delightful daffodils (on sale even) at my local Henry's Market! They surely added some cheerful, happiness to my kitchen, making me itch for the time ahead in the garden.

When I got home I thought I'd do a little closer inspection of my own garden for the signs of Spring. What did I find? My apricot tree just beginning to bloom.

And just a couple little violets starting their display. I also found a few small sprites out enjoying the Spring sunshine.

Did you all savor your first day of Spring? Any flowers to enjoy? I surely hope so!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Springtime - It was great while it lasted

Yes, we had our return to Winter, now that Spring is just days away. But it gives me another chance to share some wonderful mountain snow pictures, maybe for the last time this year.

Ziggy likes the snow.

Snow can be very tiring, but what gorgeous photos it does make. This town of mine has such picture-perfect scenery with it's quaint cabins. I can never get enough!

Here's my own Little House in the Big Woods. Very private and sheltered from the rest of the world.

I'll enjoy the winter scenery, because any day Spring will arrive for reals!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Down the Mountain to Spring Time

How wonderful to see the flowers again! The desert is starting to bloom, and with all the winter rains, it's promising a gorgeous display. I had to jump out of the car on my drive up the mountain to get some pictures.

It may be spring in the desert, but I've still got snow at my house. As you can see if you look beyond the palm trees, way over to the mountain beyond. Still lots of snow up here.

We have had some lovely weather though. But I know the weather patterns too well. The true spring of 6000 feet is some time in April, and the last freeze is usually Mother's Day. So for now I'll have to enjoy the flowers down below.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Art Lesson - Surrealistic Collage

This was a lesson that I did with a small class of 2nd graders last week. It had been a while since I'd done this lesson, and it was a lot of fun. In the past I did it with K-2, and 8th grade. I think it is good for grades 2+. They really seem to enjoy it.

I collected some interesting images from magazines. This saves the kids a lot of time, and they don't get so distracted. Older kids of course can do the searching. I gave them at least 5 images and some markers. This group really loved the collage. I tried to encourage them to also draw, but a few really only wanted to use the magazine images... Oh well!

First, I had a little discussion with them about what surrealistic art is. I showed them the classic Salvador Dali piece, Persistence of Memory. We talked about art that is not real, what you see in your dreams, or imagination. I showed them a magazine ad that was very surrealistic and how common that style is in advertising. I also had 2 examples that I did combining magazines and drawing. This group was very involved in our discussion and that felt successful.

I was very please with the results. Most really got it. And except for 2 boys fighting over an image, it was a very relaxed time.

Most of the kids had lots of "crazy" and "loco" creations. One girl had her own unique idea and style. Very profound for a 2nd grader, huh?!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Busy Week - New Camera Bag

Yes, this week has been too busy, too many hours away from home, too much school! Yes it's all worthwhile, and important, but still I was longing for my home time!

I was able to sew a couple of bags this week. This one is a little bag that fit my camera so perfectly, I just had to keep it! My other bag was bunk, and kept opening up, letting the pricey camera fall where it may. This bag is sturdy, folky, and has nice texture with a little embroidery here and there. I love the feel of the French knots. This is a little print of a painting I did in 2002 which was printed on fabric.

This is the other side of the little bag. I love the vintage canvas style of fabric in brown with the paisleys. I've always enjoyed brown and blue together.

I've also got another little tote-style of purse which features a print of my little "Perplexed" Flapper. It's in the shop. It's in the colors of pink, brown and a little lime green.