Sunday, July 29, 2007

Veggie Across America

Hello, My Dears...

You may have figured, or not, that we ran into some difficulties with the connection to the internet with the laptop. It was a little disappointing, but we took it in stride and had an adventurous time anyhow!

My Dad is vegan, and I'm vegetarian, so we went to restaurants with a veggie flare across the country. I'm going to give a little review of the ones we went to.

In Flagstaff, Arizona we ate at the New Frontiers Natural Market, at the deli. My Dad loved the Cashew-Tomatoe soup. I enjoyed the tofu patty. They had a good variety of prepared salads and eating outside was nice since there were some clouds, and it wasn't too hot.

We ate at an Indian restaurant called Gopuram, in Oklahoma City. Indian food is always so full of exotic flavor, and this restaurant had lots of vegetarian dishes, and the service was excellent. They gave us special treatment, and we had an interesting conversation.

My favorite place that we ate had to be Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville, North Carolina. We had some awesome vegan nachos, and I had wonderful veggie burger. Not the average frozen patty sort of burger. I loved the atmosphere of this place the best of all the places we ate. It's very old-school hippie. Not your new-age, clean-and-simple-lines, type of place. More artsy, funky, colorful and kick-back style. I really like the colorful murals in the balcony eating area. Asheville is just the best town!!

This is a pix of the ultra cool "balcony" area...

Our stop in Memphis, Tennessess was a little different. It ended up being a bar called RP Tracks that must just try to have a little bit of everything for every type of person. They did have vegan nachos, but it was pretty much just some BBQ-Sauce-Tofu with chips. My veggie burger was run-of-the-mill. The waitress was ultra-sweet and helpful though.

In Fayetteville, Arkansas we ate at the fairly new Greenhouse Grill. This place had terrific service from a friendly guy (maybe the owner/manager?) The Greenhouse Grill was very clean, and the food was excellent, and had a bit of gourmet quality. Wesley said that it was the best food that he had on the trip. Wow, that's saying a lot!!

Another cool experience was in Dallas at the Cosmic Cafe. This place was decorated so great. Lots of influences from India, with colorful murals, and interesting items. Bursting with energy, and color and the waitresses were very nice. My only complaint about this place is I think they need a little bit of kid food. Pretty exotic, and kind of spicy stuff. Although Wesley did love the samosas appetizer that we had.

Even the parking area is groovy...

We didn't eat in Austin this year, but I know I love to eat at Mother's Cafe. I'm sure there are other great places to eat in that town.

Our last restaurant that we ate at was in Tucson called Lovin Spoonfuls. Cute name! This place is all vegan. We ate lunch there, and I'm wondering if they have an entirely different menu for dinner. We had sandwiches, and some kind of yummy fake-chicken nuggets. I loved the carrot salad that was an option for your side order with the sandwich. Another spot with excellent service. And it must be pretty popular in the desert town, it was packed!

Of course while traveling you can usually find a Whole Foods, Wild Oats. or Greenlife in a major city. It's nice to get a break from your usual roadside, Interstate-Gas-Station food and eat some quality food, and truly experience the veggie side of America!!

Check out for some other restaurants that serve vegetarian/vegan food. It can be an adventure.

You can expect to see me updating my blog more regularly, well, at least for a couple of weeks until my next trip!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Yay! It seems to work! (except I can't seem to get a title on my page...I miss my Mac!!) Day one of our trip with my Dad, we got to Gallup, New Mexico. We stopped to eat at a natural foods store in Flagstaff. I've never stopped in that town, and I'm glad I got to see it this time. It's very nice, and the historical downtown is so awesome!

We went to see a couple of haunted places that Wesley had read about in book about the Haunted places of Route 66. This is the Riordan Mansion. How beautiful, enormous, and rustic. I guess there's ghosts there that like to play pool. We were there after hours, so we couldn't go on the tour. Save that for next time.

Sorry, I'm a little rushed, AGAIN. We've got to get on the road.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

2008 DIARY - Goin on a trip!!

This is my entry for Fantazya's 2008 journal. I'm so rushed right now that that's all I can say. I'll update this soon. I'm going on a trip over to North Carolina, and if all works out with my Dad's laptop, I'll be able to update my blog from the road!!

If you don't hear from me soon, then look for me after July 24.

Much love!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July! Etsy Bloggers Street Team/Etsy Sellers Pick-O-The-Week - folkit

Happy 4th of July to all you Americans, or any who celebrate this day. We enjoyed the town a little, then had a relaxing day at home, in the seemingly-record-breaking heat. I hope all of you Southern California friends out there are staying cool! When it's 95 degrees at 6200 feet elevation, you know it's a sizzler!!

I'm now part of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team! There are a lot of Etsy sellers who blog, and they are fun to find, and read! The Street Team has it's first theme this week... "Orange for Etsy." To me the color orange is very cheerful and I love it in paintings. I'm combining my Pick-O-The-Week with the theme. So I was searching for something orange on Etsy using the "colors" search method. I never really understand just how this thing works. And I still think it doesn't come up with a lot of items. It did however bring me to my featured artist of the week... folkit. Dan C Pop Outsider Folk Art has a lot of original paintings and I notice quite a bit of orange being used. More importantly, this art is so vibrant, and has such a sense of humor, that I was instantly drawn to it. I love this cat, what you see is actually a crop, the whole piece is 5.5 x 23", and on recycled wood - always desirable to me. I love this Outsider Art!! And he has a blog. Good stuff!!

So again I say - stay cool out there!