Saturday, March 31, 2007

Art Lesson - 3D Tissue flowers collage

This lovely piece was created by a seconder grader. I was inspired by spring for this collage of flowers art lesson. Made with tissue paper and glue. I cut the tissue into circles to save time. An older child could do this their self. Then used the old, eraser of a pencil wrapped with the tissue and glued it. We twisted strips for the stems, and made grass with tissue cut into fringe. I tried to get her to use a variety of methods with the tissue paper. You can also roll a small piece into a ball. I like how she made the flowers look like they're blowing in the wind.

My week was so busy that I felt like I had a hang over today. Art lessons, my son's busy schedule, other unusual events, and an extra amount of volunteering at the school - that made for a small amount of time left over for my art. Usually, Sundays are my best day for lots of art making, so I look forward to that tomorrow!

I'm listening toJack Johnson now on Austin City Limits. Jack has got the most relaxing groove. How can something so mellow make you want to dance? It's a goodey.


Felicia said...

What a lovely second grader's garden. I found your site through the etsy blog thread.

Sandra Eileen Artisan Jewelry said...

BEAUTIFUL, sorry to scream, but I can't help myself. Such a lovely site. And how fabulous it is that you included a second grader's artwork.

So sweet.

Tricia said...

Wow, we have alot in common - age, both scorpios, alot of the same interests...i love thrifting, oasis, flowers. Feel free to visit my blog sometime!
lovely tissue paper artwork!

Tricia said...

plus, we picked the same template for our blogs! except mine is pink!

Garden Painter Art said...


This tissue paper collage brings back memories. I hadn't thought of tissue paper flowers in years. We made them in elementary school each and every spring.

Thanks so much for bringing back such lovely memories.

Garden Painter Art