Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bloomin Daffodils

Look at how cheerful this guy (or gal) is! I've got a few daffodils here and there in my yard. If any flower has a true personality, it's the daffodil. They are one of the plants that can survive the many moles and gophers I've got. They don't eat daffodils! I don't know if my bulbs are lacking nutrients, but only a small percentage bloom each year.
I'm starting the annual chore of cleaning out the garden of it's fallen pine needles and cones, acorns, branches, and dead growth. It takes me a long time because I do a pretty small amount at a time. It is still a little early, so I can take my time.

This is a more rare variety of daffodil. I missed it's prime. I think it got snowed on last Tuesday.


eva said...

I love daffodils too, I try to photograph them as close as possible, or find some interesting angles ...
I haven`t posted the photos in my blog yet, I guess someday I just have to do Photo - Special section:)!

Garden Painter Art said...

Pine needles and acorns...Sounds lovely to me. I know you're in So. California, but your climate is vastly different than mine here in Corona. I envy your wildlife and 4 seasons.

Garden Painter Art

Tricia said...

so nice, those daffs!
i can't wait for our bulbs to bloom. they're up about 2 inches exciting!

Sandra Eileen Artisan Jewelry said...

I am rather partial to daffodils as well, so cheerful. Your blog is lovely and I would like to trade links. Are you up for that?