Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Ahead with a Crocus

Only in California can you have snow one week, and flowers the next! That's the way these crocus are though. They are the tough little beauties that bloom while the snow is melting around them. They are always the first flower that blooms in my garden, trumpeting the beginning of Spring! It feels like summer now in March, but I know that could very well change any day. Up here at 6200 feet our true official growing season doesn't begin until Mother's Day. After that we can plant tender seeds and annuals. I've also seen it snow in June so I have a feeling this bit of hot weather is just a tease, and only the hardy bloomers will show their faces for now. Still, what a joy to see the flowers return, one by one.


Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Saffron:

What a gorgeous crocus. I know that you live "up high" in So. Cal. I'm in Corona and you must be a lot higher than I am. I surely don't have any crocus!! Just gorgeous!

Garden Painter Art

Felicia said...

That is a beautiful crocus!

Deborah said...

Nice photo! California does indeed have changeable weather. My favorite photo, though, is of your studio...the before and after! That seems to be an ongoing battle for me, too...when will it ever be as organized as I want it to be??

LOVE your artwork!!!

ShyViolet said...

Beautiful photo! I love your art too.

Chaton said...

What a great pic! I'm in Australia, and we're a couple of weeks into Autumn...I've just finished pruning the trees and shrubs...and after some much needed rain, the garden is looking wonderful! Enjoy your summer planting when the time arrives :D