Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet Scent of Violets

The delicately tiny violets are blooming at my house. They are so cute, and have a very subtle sweet scent. I've got a few varieties. These are the two that have made their appearance. I know that I just posted a bit about my garden. I think I'm so looking forward to the warm months, and the flowers are starting to bloom, so I feel the urge to take some photos of them. I've also got a painting in the works and hopefully tomorrow I can post that.

Now on to photography. Many have probably seen that I don't always take the best pictures. I just can't get the lighting right all the time. I always hear that the best pictures are taken in indirect lighting - like on an overcast day. Well, the first picture was taken in the shade, the second was obviously taken with some sun shining on the flower. I think the sunny one looks better, I guess. But does it caputure the true colors? For now I'll just continue trying to get the best photo that I can, and maybe I'll master photography some day!


Minu said...

Oh my, what great pictures. Thanks for directing me to your blog. I will visit often.


Garden Painter Art said...

I like both photos in different ways. The top photo, taken in the shade makes me feel calm and a little chilly. The violet taken in the sun feels warm and like spring time. Both have nice over all "auras" to them.

Garden Painter Art

Tricia said...

those violets are so pretty... i am a flower fanatic. yeah for spring flowers!