Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Studio Friday - Let's Face It!

The subject for Studio Friday this week is "Let's Face It!" ...whatever 'it' is. What have you been procrastinating about and dragging your heels to do?

This is the story of my life. So to find just one topic was the challenge.

I've been putting off cleaning my desk, but not just my desk, the shelf above my desk. My cats have been in the house a lot this winter and they've made a mess of it. It's one of their favorite places to sit and look out the window, safe from the dog. Well, they really thrashed it with their clumsiness. I've also been meaning to paint the shelf, any color. I had to use some old acrylic I had. Not sure if it's the BEST color, but it was available. I even had some Christmas lights that needed to be taken down, how pathetic!

I couldn't reveal how bad it looked without an after-shot to go with it! And now looking at the after-shot I wonder... Did it change at all??!!! Still pretty cluttered (the result of a small house and way too much stuff!), but I do think the paint helped to cheer it up a bit. And definately not my favorite chore, but worthwhile in the end!


Garden Painter Art said...

I must admit I like the before and after shots equally. They both look comfy, creative and fun!!

Congratulations on getting the job done!! I know how hard it is to just do it.

Garden Painter Art

Laume said...

Ah yes, evil cats who claim all horizontal surfaces. I know that one TOO WELL. I think your desk looks fascinating and productive in both the before and after photos, but it's definitely more cheerful in the after pic. The blue acrylic seems just the right touch, actually, and I'm not a big fan of blue. Except lately. Not sure what's up with that. I personally suffer from clutteritis and I'm always wailing on about it, but oddly I find it endearing and quirky in other people's homes. Of course I don't have to function or clean other people's homes. So that makes it much easier to enjoy.