Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back Home

I'm back home after a few days down at my mom's house. Then a day at my sister's. I'm not ready to post any art today, but I had to get something on to this blog. It had been too long. So I had to show a nice picture from my mom's garden this past weekend. A wonderful thing about Orange County, California is you can have a great garden year round. My mom's garden is a little bit of wilderness in the middle of suburbia. A little bit of paradise amongst the concrete jungle. My camera was malfunctioning so this was the only shot taken while down in OC. I couldn't get any pictures of my twin 16 month old nephews. I spent 24 hours with those little guys and what a joy that was. A busy, exhausting JOY!

I grew up mainly in Orange County until I was 21. Then I moved out to the mountains. I don't think I could ever live there again, but I do enjoy the lush, jungle-like gardens that grow there.


Garden Painter Art said...

What a lovely garden your mom has. Orange County is such a great place to garden. My brother and his family are there. I'm in Corona, so I struggle with the dry heat. I manage to keep a cottagy garden, but it's a lot of work to do so, here in this hot, dry desert.

Garden Painter Art

Mandi said...

That scenery must provide some great inspiration! I haven't been out of Texas much, and I'd love to visit CA one day :)

Laume said...

I so want to be your mother's friend so I can sit and shoot the breeze with her in that garden! I love the "abandoned ruins" eclectic-ness of it.