Saturday, October 06, 2007

Theme of Consciousness-TOC-Roll

Last night was Jim Ladd's Theme of Consciousness Friday with the theme of "Roll." So I doodled a little ditty, and this is the result. I love the pressureless feeling of just doodling for fun. But since I wanted to post it on Jim's Myspace page, well, that added the pressure back into doodling! And since my day was so busy with an art lesson, a meeting, and a long, but fun, school event, this was just all I could pull together.

I did the "Pattern Turtles" art lesson with a class of kindergartners. This is now an annual art lesson for kindergartners. Well the highlight of the day was when one talkative little boy asked me what my phone number was! It was just so hysterical, and definetely a highlight of the day. That and seeing my son sing "Happy Together" with his 5th grade class, with much of the class all decked out in 60s finery, including my son with his blue John Lennon glasses. What a joy!

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