Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - babastudioPrague

Look at this ever-so-wonderful Esty shop that I just found over the weekend! How hard to find a favorite thing in this shop. In honor of Halloween I chose this eerie loveliness..."beautifully vampiric" print which is on this fabulous bag!

babastudioPrague is a most unique shop with fantastic limited edition prints, some of which are printed on wonderful cotton and silk shoulder bags, totes, and wristlets. Plus their lovely images are being made into a tarot deck featuring the delightful Bohemian Cats. The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot is a wonderful place to look at all the cats as tarot images.

The shop owners describe this shop best... "At "baba studio" we love old stories, strange symbols, fragments of images... We're surrounded in Prague by art and architecture of the Baroque, Rococco, Victorian and Art Nouveau eras."

"The Knight of Wands is a Siberian cat from Moscow (now living in Prague). As one of our friends said on seeing his portrait, 'If that cat was a guy I'd go out with him!'" (taken from their description of this handsome hero.)

I have to agree. And he does remind me of my own Phoebus.

If you are mainly interested in their cats, it looks like they are starting a new Etsy shop exclusively cat-like...BohemianCats. Both shops are equally wonderful, and if you're looking to buy me something, I'd love anything there!

And go to the blog, it's also very enjoyable!