Friday, September 22, 2006

Kindergarten Art Lesson

I did an art lesson with a class of tiny kindergarteners today. Now keep in mind that these children have been in school for only four weeks now. They are so little, and just attending school is a big feat for them. Many are still learning about the proper way to sit on the rug. Sometimes I forget that they may not fully understand all the lingo and descriptions I give. It can be a challenge but there is much joy in being around these little guys and gals. One little boy gave me a lit up smile because he had drawn his own zig-zag line without my help. Another little girl cried because she didn't get to finish her picture. It's so sad when they cry during art! But I am glad she enjoyed doing art that much and I hope she gets a chance to finish it somehow.

The lesson was a simple directed drawing of a turtle. I first had a little talk and demo about different designs -- stripes, polka dots, shapes, etc. Then they went to their seats and I attempted to have them draw the turtle. I had them draw in pencil, then outline in black marker. They later filled in the turtle with the colorful designs that we had talked about earlier. I tried to fill in my turtle with at least a few of the patterns, but at this age I was needed to help them with their drawings. I emphasized making the turtle large because so many tend to draw these tiny little things. From start to finish it was about 40 minutes. That is pretty long for kindergarteners. And of course there is always the 1 or 2 that could go longer.

One lesson done, and at least 3 more for me until the end of our first session of smARTS. Now I must think about a lesson for 4th graders. This is my son's class so I have to think of a brand new lesson. This is the 5th year I've done art with his class so I always have to have a fresh project for this group. Well I've got a week to think about it. Any great creative suggestions?

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