Saturday, October 20, 2007

Theme of Consciousness-TOC-Questions

The theme for TOC this week was any song with a "question" in the TITLE. That was challenging to come up with a drawing to go with the theme. But I did come up with this. I wanted to get this posted when Jim played one of the many "who do you love" songs. I even had a feeling he'd do a set with a variety of them, and I was right. Luckily he did these songs later in the night, so I was able to get the pix on during the second one, The Doors version. I like that one and the Quicksilver Messenger Service versions a lot. I would've posted it during the first song, but so many hang ups kept going on. You name it, it malfunctioned. It's so frustrating when I'm in a hurry and dumb little things go wrong with the computer!!

Anyway this is just a simple little doodle that I love to do on a Friday night. No pressure to sell, just have fun and be imaginative.

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