Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Amazing! I got this posted before midnite! My life is too busy right now, so I'm sorry that I haven't been up on things lately. On top of the hectic schedule, there's also the image issues that blogspot's been having lately. I hope those probs are over.

We had a fun time down town for the annual Halloween Parade and Carnival. Wesley was Frankenstein, I was a very purple wizardess, and Brad was creepy with an arrow through his forehead (yuck). My house is a COMPLETE mess, with the puzzle-of-a-closet completely tore apart. On account of getting my costume together pretty last minute. My costume from 7 years ago, Mary Poppins, had to change... couldn't find my Mary hat. Oh well, there was another M.P. in town this year. So my unique wizard did fine, and it was the first time I had worn this lovely purple dress from the thrift store. I also had THE tallest hat in town on, one that I had made for Wesley when he was "Dark Magician" from Yu-Gi-Oh, back in first grade.

It was a very lovely evening, and quite balmy, well, at least until about 7 pm. The trees seemed to have changed color early this year. The oaks are past their prime, and have changed from orange to brown, ready to finish with their dropping of the leaves. And everything is still quite ready for rain.

Enjoy your All Hallows Eve! What's left of it!

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Tricia said...

Your halloween sounded fun!! i dressed as Morticia to hand out the candies! It was a blast!