Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Painting a Day - Cheers again

I liked my previous painting a day so much that I wanted to paint a sister for her. Well this sister must be the problem child because she took so much longer to paint than the first one. I finally had to just say, "Oh well," and give up on her. Some times paintings just flow and I'm happy with them right away. Other times, well here she is! She's ok, really! I do kind of like her quirky, goofy expression. I just have to accept her for what she is. And stop wasting time on this one painting. Maybe I learned a little something from the endless workings of her face. I don't know! But anyway I had to post a painting since I will leave town AGAIN tomorrow. So as usual I get on a role, then boom, something stops my production. Check back in a couple days, please. I promise I will have a longer stretch of creativity. That's a promise to myself!

This is acrylic on 5x7" canvas board.

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