Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Valentines Day Cards - Or any occasion really

I printed some Valentines Day cards with my hand made stamp today. This is the best picture I got of the design. I have some that are printed with 2 colors - black and red or black and pink. Then I added some glitter to the wet acrylic paint. I do like the colored ones but I wanted to show a clear pix of the design here. And if ever something looked better in person, these hand printed cards are it - with each looking a bit different from the next. And the little bit of fine glitter adds a special something.

Why do I use acrylic paint and not ink? Well, I just don't have the ink right now. I've made my Christmas cards for 2 years now in the same way. I'm guessing people like ink better than paint because the paint is very thick on the stamp. It dries fast and if you're not careful it can start to clog the stamp up. And I'm not sure how well the glitter would stick to the ink. The paint makes for an unpredictable outcome, but that also makes each card that much more unique. I've just been happy with how the cards turn out with paint so I haven't gotten any ink to use instead.

  • They're for sale on etsy right now
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