Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is my first Luv-N-Kitty. She's very folky-cute and she even has a heart pocket that holds a special Valentine's Day card (or any special message.) As with all my sewing projects, I used vintage or reclaimed fabrics, as well as a little felt. Her face is painted in acrylic. I've got a couple more just about to be finished, probably today sometime. You can find this cutey for sale on etsy by clicking here.

I really like the idea of "Painting a Day", but I'm discovering it is just impossible for me. I'm finding that it is affecting my blog habits. I only seem to post paintings since I started this Daily painting thing. I don't want the administrator on the Daily Painting site to have extra work by weeding through my non-painting blogs. So because of this I don't post my other creations. And well, I have to do these other things as well as paint. That's the way I am. I like the idea of painting new pieces for the practice and the productivity. But I find the creative deadline daunting. I don't want to paint just anything. I have to have an interesting subject, and somedays I don't have an interesting subject in my mind. I knew that would be a problem for me, and is definately one I need to work on. But I also think it's important for me to make other things besides a new idea on canvas everyday. So I don't know, will I be kicked out of the group?

Well, I've decided to just create, and blog, whatever is naturally happening for me--rather than hindering the creative process with rules that I alone have put on myself!

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