Sunday, January 21, 2007

Illustration Friday - Super Hero

Here we have "Rocky Raccoon-Defender of the Forest". He's faster than a speeding arsonist, more powerful than a bunch of bark beetles, and able to leap tall bulldozers with a single bound.

I'm not in the habit of drawing super heroes, so coming up with an idea was challenging. I finally thought that it would be great if there only were a super hero to protect the forest and it's creatures. Although I also thought it would be nice to have a super hero to clean my house and make dinner.

This is an ACEO, 2.5x3.5 inches, watercolor and pen and ink.

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    steve said...

    Goooooo Rocky! I like how he's looking out over the forrest. Good stuff.

    Garhuckle Caprice said...

    He looks very noble indeed. I like how his paw is over his eyes to keep the sun out; It gives it a bit of extra expression. Good job.

    Mike said...

    Although I admire his dedication to the forest...I only wish he would have mercy on my garbage cans. Great Work, fantastic job on the illo!

    Larry Lee said...

    Hmmmm. Protector of the forest or a superhero to clean my house. Selfishly, I may have to pick the house cleaner.
    Good idea for the topic. And, best of all -- he won't lose his mask.

    getzapped said...

    Yeah, RR is on a mission! He's very cute. Nice take on this week's theme. I too am not accustomed to drawing Super Heroes. I guess that's why it a challenge. ; ) Nice work.

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    Princess Pepper Cloud said...

    He looks like the perfect canidate for the job! He already has a mask anyway. I really like your idea about hiring super heros to clean the house. I could see a mass market for that one. I like your art.