Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Plum Wine - fingerless gloves

The colors of these arm warmers/fingerless gloves scream to be called "Plum Wine". They are crocheted with 3 types of yarn - a dark plumish soft chenille-like yarn, a wine colored yarn that has a bit of bumpy texture to it, and a mixed fluffy, fuzzy yarn in the colors of green, brown, and small amount of teal. These are funky and chunky and fun and oh-so-soft and warm! I just couldn't think of an idea for a painting so I did some crocheting last night. It can be very theraputic to me and it's nice to do something productive while watching TV. Especially when it's something so mind numbing as "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Bachelor". Did I just announce that I watch those shows? Yes, I'll admit it, but at least I was working at the same time!


Soon I'm going to start an Etsy-Pick-Of-The-Week. This will be focusing on one seller each week. I'll try to do it weekly, on a certain day of the week, which is to be determined. I love so much stuff I see for sale there, and I love the site, so I wanted to do some promotion for it. Stay tuned.

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Felicia said...

They're delightful! I hope they sell quickly for you. :)