Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jenny's Vintage Kitchen Swap - 2007

I participated in the lovely Jenny's Vintage Kitchen Swap last month. I love anything vintage, and my entire house is basically filled with old stuff, except for my electronics. But vintage kitchen has got to be my favorite. I like my kitchen to look very cheerful. Maybe it's a way to try to make myself seem like I'm an old fashioned housewife who makes lots of homemade bread and other goodies, and always has an extensive, healthy meal at hand. Which I'm not! But it's nice to dream! So I decided to join in on the fun with the other wonderful girls and get myself a swap partner, and hopefully be able to send something her way that she would enjoy.

This is the package sent from Melissa out on the Jersey Shore all the way out here to California. Very Spring-like in it's packaging!

This is the oh, so fun, collection of goodies sent to me from my swap partner. How much fun to open and find the surprises! There's an old tin box, vintage inspired yellow bowls (so very cheery and always needed!), a muffin tray that I can always use for sorting my supplies, a very old pie tin, very quaint recipe cards with an adorable crochet flower, three vintage inspired cookie cutters (some that I don't have-amazingly!), and my son's favorite - a goody bag of yummy Easter chocolates (those didn't last long). What fabulous stuff! Thanks so much Melissa! It was so wonderful meeting you!

I love this sweet tin box the most! I have an extensive tin box collection. I'd rather store all of my supplies in an adorably-old tin box, than a new plastic box with no personality. No matter how many I get, I can always find something to put inside of them. So I put my collection of tiny boxes inside this cute one from Melissa!

Phoebus really liked the leftover tissue in the box from Melissa! What a cozy bed!

These are the goodies that I sent to Melissa. She collects Mexican floral batea trays and I wanted to get her one. I know I have one floating around in my shed or somewhere lost in my house. I looked, but no luck. Just couldn't find it. I was bummed about that. Instead, I decided to paint my own batea-inspired little plaque. I like how it turned out. I hope she had as much fun in this swap as I did! And thank you, Jenny, for organizing the fun event. Hope to do it again!


Jill said...

What fun things! I love the kitty cat! A cheerful kitchen makes the chores we do there so much more fun!

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Thanks for the link. I love your happy site.

Be well.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow! I have been catching a bunch of the results from that vintage kitchen swap here and there in blogland--just fabulous! I wish I could have gotten in on that one. Drats! You certainly got a nice bunch of goodies!

elleabelle said...

Wow. Your cat looks exactly, I mean exactly, like my cat. Is that a Maine Coon??