Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Snow

We had a much needed snow yesterday. Making today one of those warm, drippy mid-spring thaw outs. My pictures can't caputure the scent of the wet forest, or the millions of drips of melting snow falling from the trees. I also couldn't capture the sight of the warm ground steaming in the sunshine. You can see my spring buds unharmed by the snowfall.

This bloom is from a Vinca Minor - (Periwinkle. Myrtle, Creeping Mrytle, Vinca) A very easy to grow ground cover that blooms purple flowers in the spring. They are pretty drought tolerant and can cover a hillside if left to go. They do well in a pretty shaded spot. I have fond memories of these plants growing profusely in the Canyons of Orange County. My only complaint about them is they can be hard to clean of pine needles. You have to pick them out almost one at a time.

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