Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Etsy Sellers - Pick-O-The-Week - corsetfactory

Here you have my first Etsy Sellers Pick-O-The-Week, as I mentioned yesterday! I've decided to make Wednesday the day I share a seller that I've found on Etsy. I'm usually volunteering in the classroom on this day so it seems easier for me just to browse etsy and find cool stuff. Being around the kids all day, and not enough sleep, makes me a bit non-productive. This will give me a focus rather than trying to dream up something new.

The first Pick-O-The-Week is corsetfactory. I found this shop from browsing the Time Machine 2. This girl makes some very adorable corsets, and they look to be so beautifully made. And some very cute fabric and I love the little details. I can truly see my skinny, little sister in one of these pieces. She's a little pin-up girl herself and these corsets look to be made just for her! I know there are many girls out there that would be just as comfortable in one of these as she would be. I think these would make a great gift for that special girl in your life. There's also a website you can check out for this girl's fabulous corsets. It's

Look for another Pick-O-The-Week (also known as POW) next Wednesday!!


Felicia said...

That is a groovy polka dotted corset!

Amber said...

She does great photography ontop of her design!

Cinderelish said...

Cool corset:)