Friday, March 21, 2008

smARTS Exhibit

One of the recent events that took a bit of my volunteer time was our smARTS Exhibit at Idyllwild Arts. This is the 3rd time we've been given this opportunity for our local school. Every other year this has happened.

Many hours go into this event, and many people contribute. Our committee first chose a piece of art from each student...approx 320 of them. We try to choose a good example for the kid, as well as represent at least one project from each of the visual artists that help the kids. After that arduous, yet fun, task, we hang the art, under the direction of the gallery facilitator. Then there's the opening reception, which we usually just get to mingle and appreciate our efforts. The kids seem to enjoy this night.

So above you can see the foreshortening lesson I did with the fifth graders. This project really popped on the walls. I loved how this section turned out.

Here are the butterflies that's become a regular 3rd grade lesson for me. I love seeing a bunch together. It shows the individuality of each kid.

And here are the very fun dragons that I will continue with fourth graders during the Chinese New Year. The kids really love these dragons. Some get pretty rowdy with them when they're done. What's better than art you can play with?

So yes, this event is a lot of work, but the outcome is rewarding, and pretty important, indeed!


Mary Richmond said...

really nice job with the exhibit! everything is displayed so nicely. i love, love, love kids art!

Lanedesigns said...

Nice exhibit!
I love to watch butterflies fly in the yard....those big yellow ones are so pretty.
Happy Easter!!

(Thanks for visiting my blog)

The Caffeinated Crafter said...

Being an art education major, this is totally awesome to me!

Mother Bliss said...

Nice looking blog! Hope you don't mind, I added you and Wesley to my sidelinks. His blog is so cool, even Emi was getting a kick out of reading it! Maybe it'll get her to start one too!