Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Art Lesson - Surrealistic Collage

This was a lesson that I did with a small class of 2nd graders last week. It had been a while since I'd done this lesson, and it was a lot of fun. In the past I did it with K-2, and 8th grade. I think it is good for grades 2+. They really seem to enjoy it.

I collected some interesting images from magazines. This saves the kids a lot of time, and they don't get so distracted. Older kids of course can do the searching. I gave them at least 5 images and some markers. This group really loved the collage. I tried to encourage them to also draw, but a few really only wanted to use the magazine images... Oh well!

First, I had a little discussion with them about what surrealistic art is. I showed them the classic Salvador Dali piece, Persistence of Memory. We talked about art that is not real, what you see in your dreams, or imagination. I showed them a magazine ad that was very surrealistic and how common that style is in advertising. I also had 2 examples that I did combining magazines and drawing. This group was very involved in our discussion and that felt successful.

I was very please with the results. Most really got it. And except for 2 boys fighting over an image, it was a very relaxed time.

Most of the kids had lots of "crazy" and "loco" creations. One girl had her own unique idea and style. Very profound for a 2nd grader, huh?!

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