Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glorious Spring has Sprung!

On my first day of Spring, I had to drive off the hill, yet again. As I was driving I was thinking about what to post for my First Day of Spring blog entry. (I seem to do my deepest thinking while driving) I wanted to show some kind of Spring that was in my own yard. And as I thought of that, I realized we're really not quite in the season of Spring at my house quite yet.

So how lucky was I, when minutes later I see these delightful daffodils (on sale even) at my local Henry's Market! They surely added some cheerful, happiness to my kitchen, making me itch for the time ahead in the garden.

When I got home I thought I'd do a little closer inspection of my own garden for the signs of Spring. What did I find? My apricot tree just beginning to bloom.

And just a couple little violets starting their display. I also found a few small sprites out enjoying the Spring sunshine.

Did you all savor your first day of Spring? Any flowers to enjoy? I surely hope so!


wowedout said...

i totally forgot it was the first day of spring & my uncle's birthday. i love the pic of the sprite ! so cute !!

The Time Is Now said...

You've got a pixie in your garden!