Sunday, March 30, 2008

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - InfiniteCosmosGirl

It's time again for some Wonderful Etsy Goodies... with a Pick-O-The-Week.. which by the way has become an Etsy Pick-O-The-Every-Once-And-A-While. (sorry I hate routines, and schedules!)

So I had to pick some more extra beautiful glass pieces, this time from the ever so exotic InfiniteCosmosGirl. One of my favorite things in this shop (although very hard to choose one favorite!) are these very unique rings. I must get one some day, even if only as a gift for my mom... Although I want one for myself too!

You'll also find stunning pendants, beads, jars, bottles, earrings, and other interestingly beautiful items! I absolutely love blown glass! And yes, I'm fire-phobic, so don't see myself doing this any time soon.

And what an outstanding gift would this beauty make for some special person in your life.

And what makes this shop even more special?! Why a fun and entertaining blog, that's what!! She's living the life, on a farm with adorable animals in Oregon! You must check it out!


Infinite Cosmos said...

oh wow! what an honor! Thank you so much for featuring us! It is greatly appreciated :-)

Daisy said...

I just added you to my blog roll--I love artsy types!!! :D

Visit again any time. Your photos here are lovely!