Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vintage Record Cover Box

I started making these upcycled record cover boxes a few years ago to uniquely wrap any gift that would fit into them. Last year I started offering them for sale. And I'm happy to have even more to choose from this year.

This cover is particularly special, in my opinion. Brad first told me it was "Father Knows Best." I wasn't sure. But after reading the back cover I discovered it was the "Donna Reed Show" family. I didn't recognize Donna Reed. I know Donna Reed best as Mary from one of my most favorite movies, "It's A Wonderful Life." This photo is her in 1964. But I thought that made this cover even more fabulous!

I collect these records all year, well I always collect records of all sorts and have for over 20 years now. I use only records that are beyond their use for music, either because of damage, or just plain boring, and insignificant. But the images on old records are simply too much fun to let go to waste sitting in a stack. So I love to give them a new life.

Once I started selling these boxes I started coating them with layers of acrylic medium and a final glossy varnish. The covers can get pretty brittle with age, and these coatings make the box more sturdy. I also add a piece of matching decorative paper for the bottom of the box.

They look so lovely just tied with ribbon sitting under your tree. They are a great way to hold your cards, stationery, or other little trinket items. They fit in perfectly with any vintage inspired Christmas decor. They are just so cute!

I've got some for sale in the Christmas section of my Etsy shop, now.

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