Saturday, February 07, 2009

TOC - Weather

This week's TOC was weather. Lots of weather happening in So Cal right now. That's always different!

I'm just happy we've been having lots of rain and no real snow the last couple days. Pretty enjoyable to fall asleep with the rain falling. And then waking to more rain, and no snow. I love it! I'm also prepared for the snow that's expected though. It is still February after all.

OH and I got some requests played for the theme, 3 of them -- "Cold Rain and Snow" and "Box of Rain", Grateful Dead (resident tribal Dead Head) ... and "Sunny Afternoon" The Kinks. While the snow is gorgeous and very romantic as I watch it fall, I'm also looking forward to Lazin on a Sunny Afternoon -- in the Summertime!

This is ACEO sized, acrylic.

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