Friday, February 20, 2009

Art Lesson - Valentines Day-Give Your Heart

This is a Valentine's Day lesson I did with a class of 1st graders. I had some pre-cut heart shapes in different shapes and colors all prepared when I started. I first gave them a small piece of paper and scissors, and I had them trace their hand. Then we cut them out. At this age it's amazing how little practice some have had at cutting. They don't have time to cut in kindergarten any more! Anyway, I explained that it could be tricky, and it's OK to have an imperfect hand cut out. This class actually did better than expected, and only a couple needed help with the cutting. When they were done I passed out some hearts in 2 sizes. I then had them glue stick a small heart (in contrasting color) onto a larger hand. I showed them how the hand and heart would go together, to look like the hand was holding the heart. They then glued hands and hearts on. Then colored with some oil pastels. I had them write a personal message of their choice.

It's a good idea to have them either outline around their hand cut out, or have a contrasting color of some kind behind it. It was easy to have the hand get lost in the design.

And I liked how using the black hearts gave a more graphic appearance. The kids liked the black hearts too.

Some were very creative in their design. This boy (CK) was the only one that used the heart as a stencil, and colored around it. I love when they get their own ideas and modify the original design a bit.... Creative thinker!

This was a perfect lesson to fit in with their Valentine's Day party, which the teacher really wanted me to do, since her time was very limited that day.