Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Snowy Goodness

Crazy icicles. Beware, don't get stabbed.

Burned some calories shoveling today. Is this the San Jacintos, or the Rockies?

Pretty boy, Ziggy. He thinks it's very inconvenient to get around, and hardly worth it. He chooses to sit and watch the boy, rather than join him.

My own little view of the peak.

Why must I have the neighbors that have their road plowed, then have the burm totally block the road? Hello, we live down this road too!! While no one's gonna be driving for a while here, and I do luckily have another easier way out, they will eventually come. They did this in December, and people end up getting stuck as they drive down the road. Then even after it melts there's this huge bump in the road, which will only be worse now after this latest act of neighborly love.


myminimocs said...

what wonderful pictures - nervy neighbors your have - :) happy snow day!!!

your dog is beautiful too!

Becca said...

What beautiful pictures and scenary :)

LeelaBijou said...

Awesome pictures! The dog is so cute :)