Friday, August 22, 2008

Yosemite - part one - The Mist Trail

I've been to the beautiful Yosemite and back. If you've never been, I have to say it's a must see, even with it's over the top amount of people! Since we were there in August of a dry year, Yosemite Falls was dry, but Vernal Falls is gorgeous as ever.

We took the Mist Trail up the many stairs to the top of Vernal Falls. It's called the Mist Trail because you can feel the mist as you climb the stairs beside the falls. Very exhilerating!

Once at the top of Vernal Falls you reach the Emerald Pool which you aren't suppose to swim in, but many do. Many people make this their destination, but not us. We followed the north side of the trail to the top of Nevada Falls. This side of the trail is shorter, but hot and very steep. You get some great views of Nevada Falls though.

We took the long way back down. Longer but more comfortable, less jarring on your knees, and less of a feeling that you're going to completely bite the dust! It's an all day event for us, with an over 6 mile round trip hike. After the hike, a beer and rinse off in the river is the best!

I'll share more photos, and Yosemite art soon... Like tomorrow.

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