Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yosemite and It's Wonders - part two

As promised I had to continue with the Wonders of Yosemite.

We hadn't been to Glacier Point in quite a while, so we made sure to visit the amazing spot this trip. Here's the view of Yosemite Valley. Not for those sensitive to heights! Hold on to your hat!

Here I sit with another extraordinary view from Glacier Point. You can see Nevada Falls way beyond, as you look to the left of me. Next to the falls you can see one of the many enormous pieces of rock, Liberty Cap.

And here's Liberty Cap again. This time we were sitting right beside it, at the top of Nevada Falls.

Yosemite has the some of the most relaxing bike trails, with spectacular sights every where you turn.

Including the many bucks that you see daily, lounging in the shadows of the meadows. In the early evening you'll see them get up from their rest, maybe to get a snack from the nearby apple trees in the Camp Curry parking lot.

Some of the best swimming is in the Merced River, with the natural beauty surrounding you. It is very awe inspiring.

I often wonder how so much beauty could be placed in one spot. It just couldn't be an accident. I can never get enough!

And finally, it just wouldn't be a vacation for me without getting a really cool shot of some kind of exotic bug! This guy just wouldn't move as I photographed him in the natural garden for the fairies... The Fen.

And tomorrow I'll post some of the art I created while in God's Masterpiece. No place inspires me more than Yosemite.


Deckled Edge Bindery said...

WOW! Spectacular pictures. I love visiting our national parks.

Pretty Fun said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.