Saturday, August 09, 2008

Leaving for Yosemite!

Just a quick little post to say I'm going to the most beloved, Yosemite! We'll be biking and swimming the valley, strolling The Fen with it's fairies and other little spirits, and hiking the Misty Trail.

Are you enjoying the last fleeting moments of your summer? I hope you have lots of chances to play in the sunshine with the butterflies!


Mother Bliss said...

Awwww...what a cute drawing! Hope you guys have fun in Yosemite! We're off to Monterey/SF/Napa on the 20th-25th, summer break is too much fun, I am definitely NOT looking forward to school starting! ^_^

Mary Richmond said...

i totally love this little piece! and i'm loving my summer. i'm at the beach but would love to go to yosemite some day....hope you're having a blast.

Bliss Art said...

You got tagged, come to my blog for instructions

Tracey said...

Hi! I found your blog recently and saw this cute cat print on this post! I love it! I have a kitty that looks like that. I was wondering if it is available for purchase?
Thanks :)