Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a find - Gisela Voh

I'm so jealous! My mom bought this adorable, original painting at an estate sale for $25.00! It was painted by Gisela Voh in 1965. I didn't measure it, but it's about a 11x14 size. It had a letter attached in broken English, and it seems it was sold to the original owner at a discount price... the reason having to do with the "heart."

Because of the seemingly professional sale that happened, I thought I could find some info on this artist. After a few pages of searching, all I found was some info written in German. It wasn't a lot of info, but after translating I found a Gisela Voh, born in Schmiedeberg (1906-1985), and yes, she was a painter.

I just love this illustration so much, I would so much like to see more from this artist. But for now, don't you think my mom should give me this for my birthday coming in October? I sure do!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a find is right..How lucky is that? Beautiful..

fluffnflowers said...

What an amazing find! That's a stunning piece, and your mom shouldn't give it to you -- she should give it to me! :) Congrats to your mom.

Julie Schuler said...

yes, yes, you should lean on her a little. That is a lovely painting.

Irmelin said...

Hello I have a little further info about Gisela Voh. Thanks though for showing this wonderful painting!
She has actually drawn a picture of me once, standing in her garden in Ambach near Starnberger See and Munich. Where they lived she and her husband; Gisela and Hans Voh, both great painters. I also still have a picture of her..although its a long time ago, 1974 I think it was. It was lovely seeing your post showing her painting, thankyou! :)