Sunday, July 27, 2008

Restaurant Review - The Cheesecake Factory

There's a new Cheesecake Factory over by Disneyland, very near my mom's. We went to it earlier this summer, and I was craving to go back, so we did last week. The first time I went I ordered this Luau salad, but without the chicken. It seems you can order any entre without the meat if you're a vegetarian, and that's good. When I first got this Luau salad, it seemed to be over flowing the plate. I ate and ate, and never seemed to make a dent. I was able to take a whole other serving home. So it made the salad worth the $12.95, since I got 2 meals out of it. Well, last week I had the same salad. But this time it seemed so much smaller, and there was none left over to take home. What's up with that? It still was a really pretty plate of food with some sort of wantan cracker things, macadamia nuts and an assortment of vegetables, covered in their balsamic dressing. I did enjoy my iced green tea, slightly sweetened with their minty concoction. I didn't think the salad was worth the $12.95 this time, and if someone is leaving the meat off, it needs to be compensated with more of the other stuff. The meat is a big part of the money paid. I guess it depends on who's cooking the day you go!! Oh and I also think they need some kind of kid's menu. The quesedilla appetizer was good for Wesley though. Next time I think I'll order the Southwestern salad, or maybe pasta with veggies, but I'm over the Luau salad, as gorgeous as it is!


BlossomingTree said...

That looks delicious! However I would have been disappointed too. Still it looks delicious lol. I'm hungry now.:)

kim* said...

i'll rember this... i live in garden grove.

terryann said...

My favorate is the lettuce wraps...only it does have chicken, I guess you could order without or with mushrooms instead... so good.
That and mint tea, yummy!