Friday, July 04, 2008

Lychnis blooming on the Fourth of July

A sure sign of the Fourth of July, for me, is the blooming of the
Lychnis coronaria, also know as rose campion, mullein pink, or dusty miller. Lychnis is a Greek word for lamp, interesting that the leaves were once used as wicks for lamps.

These are very easy to grow, and they reseed themselves very well, yet their roots are not deep or invasive. This makes it easy to control them even if they've reseeded to their hearts' content. The color is so intense, and even while not blooming, the leaves are a wonderful shade of light bluish green. Some may confuse them with lamb's ear, but they're not quite as soft as the lamb's ear.

They seem to move around my yard, each year thriving in a different spot, all on their own.

A good companion plant that grows in the same way is Feverfew, as seen here. They make a very cheery combination.

Yes, the Fourth of July is always the peak in my garden, well at least the major peak. It's a beautiful time that needs to be enjoyed while it's here.

My Fourth was usual... parade in town, a little music at a local hangout, quiet day at home, trying to stay cool.

How was your Fourth spent? What's peaking in your garden? Do tell, I'd love to hear!

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tanyBUG said...

your garden is so lovely. I live in an apartment condo, no garden for me :(