Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rain makes for a lovely day

Thursday night at about midnight we had a little unexpected downpour of rain. I had to run out into the gushing water and booming thunder to save a few things. I'd been clean sweeping my shed and had a few boxes left over to go through. It was worth the chaotic night to have a day of delightful smells of damp Earth. A wet summer thundershower was very needed here. It made for an enjoyable walk with Ziggy without being too hot.

Along the way, we saw these little cuties, only a week old. Are they the cutest, or what?! I'm in complete love, and to watch them play is such a joy! Someone hold me back from getting my very own baby goat!

Another joy this week was my first harvest of apricots. I've had this little tree for only 3 years, and it got it's first crop of apricots this year. I was surprised how many it grew for it's first year. This is only the first picking. Apricots truly mean summer to me, since my Grandma had an apricot tree when I was growing up. I did my share of eating apricots as a kid. How wonderful to now have my own! Now if I could only be as industrious as Grandma and make some jam.

Yes, the rain made everyone feel a little better around here. Doesn't the garden help my house to look cute?

Even the fish in the pond were a bit more happy from the rain!


Mother Bliss said...

Mmmm, apricots! Lucky you, the squirrels ate all my apples so nothing again this year... :(

I ran outside too, to pick up my circular saw and drill as well the stuff I was using to work on the coop. I'm really glad I noticed the bad weather in time! It was a nice cool down, wasn't it? Actually, a little cold, didn't think I'd be sleeping with the windows closed in the summer!

Paper Girl Productions said...

aww...I want a baby goat too!

Tamara said...

Those apricots are look delicious! I wish I had a pond like that in my yard. Maybe next year...